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NathalieMacDowellNathalieMacDowell Posts: 3Member Not a Title, but a Star

I am very unhappy with the latest update for the Wizard of Oz Magic Match game. The lay out will confuse many, and the lagging is absolutely unbelievable! I own a few groups for this game, and I am so close to not playing it anymore simply bc of the newest and WORST update ever! I hope you guys at Zynga find a patch for this issue real soon. You will have many unhappy gamers on your hands. :(


  • Dominus MarsDominus Mars Posts: 100Moderator Moderator

    As part of our continuous effort to give our players the best gaming experience, please know that your feedback counts and we'll definitely share this with the team, @NathalieMacDowell. Meanwhile, you can do our basic troubleshooting steps (for iOS, Android, Kindle) as these will help you play smoothly. Thank you!

  • WvdebiWvdebi Posts: 2Member Not a Title, but a Star

    I’m very disappointed with this update. I hate the layout as well
    Now, the videos are gone so that we can get free lives which, really sucks! It used to be my fav may become my least. Please go back to the original. I don’t pay for anything on any game btw

  • NathalieMacDowellNathalieMacDowell Posts: 3Member Not a Title, but a Star

    It is not on my end. Your links don't do anything. It's the way you guys formatted the newer version. Takes me 4 mins to send off 430 lives to my friends. When leaving one location in Social to go to my profile file tab on the app it lags 7 seconds. When retrieving lives to play it takes 9 seconds for each one I collect from. I am not the only one with this issue. I have an Android. Others with EXACT same issues have an iPad and Kindle. I wish you all could give us REAL answers instead of a genetic one that we are always given.
    When are you guys ever going to fix the glitch that has been in effect for a year now when someone passes their level and yet we still have their lifeline on our list?
    You changed the layout of the game where you raise your prices without fixing the real issues first and then to slap us in the face you send us a worthless genetic message with links that are just as worthless and leaves us extremely frustrated. If our feedback is taken into account, as you say, then you would have fixed all your issues that your valued and loyal players have been complaining about for a year now.

    Extremely annoyed,
    Nathalie MacDowell

  • SystemSystem Posts: 13Member Administrator
  • WvdebiWvdebi Posts: 2Member Not a Title, but a Star

    My questions have not been answered. I want the videos back that allow us extra lives! I miss the option to watch videos whe you run out of lives to watch a video and get more turns. This new update got rid of all the perks! Impossible to get any bombsor anything else. I’ve not had one life sent since this update. I will def quit playing if things don’t return to the old version. This one sucks! I have an iPhone and iPad

  • Dominus MarsDominus Mars Posts: 100Moderator Moderator

    Apologies for the inconvenience caused and we'll share your thorough feedback with the team, @Wvdebi and @NathalieMacDowell. In regards to Watch to Earn videos, please know that these are randomly appearing in-game, so please stay tuned from time to time to get rewards by watching ads. Thanks!

  • dschmazdschmaz Posts: 1Member Not a Title, but a Star

    Over two weeks ago a "new update" appeared when I opened this game. When I click on it and try to open the app to update, it won't open and goes right back to the previous screen that says new update. Nothing will open and I haven't been able to play this game for over 2 weeks because it won't let me in without the update which won't open. I'm ready to just delete this game and chalk it up to another really bad experience with Zynga. Are you guys ever going to fix this problem? I surely can't be the only one!!!

  • NathalieMacDowellNathalieMacDowell Posts: 3Member Not a Title, but a Star

    I have removed the app now 2 weeks ago. I am so disappointed and now that everyone has the version I had since Sept they told me that once more people complain about the LIFELINE issue where when people help us and we tap on the button to where it should allow is to proceed to the next level, nothing happens. So we have to contact support and wait for them to either open the level for us or struggle with the level on our own even though many have helped and yet we cannot proceed. Since Sept 6th I have had this issue, and the lagging to send out lives is nuts. Now bc you have more than 100 friends I had over 370 it would take me MINUTES to send lives as opposed to the normal tap tap tap and be done with it. Extremely disappointed and now many of my members in my FB group are so unhappy bc daily there are now more issues to where the app suddenly decides you have no friends. Then you have to log out of fb and reconnect and if that doesn't work, remove the app from fb and reconnect to fb on the Oz app. Enough is enough! I have enough issues in my life that I most certainly don't need a game that I once loved and relied on to help change my mind, is now a reason I feel like I am losing my mind. No thanks Zynga! I'll pass!

  • diagorodiagoro Posts: 12Member Pumpkin

    It's worth adding my voice. Also extremely disappointed. Every 'real' issue (mostly due to losing real money/coins) is submitted via their system....and each time I get a generic "we'll let you know when we have the problem fixed". Never hear back, never receive credit for my loss. Just last week all my coins disappeared, the counter was reset to zero! Pretty sure I'll get the same "we're looking into it" response.

  • Dominus MarsDominus Mars Posts: 100Moderator Moderator

    Apologies for the experience, and we'll make sure to relay your feedback to the team, @diagoro. Your patience is appreciated, as we're receiving a high volume of concerns from our players. Thanks for your understanding.

  • cevanscevans Posts: 1Member Not a Title, but a Star

    what device do I have to have to download this game please

  • Dominus MarsDominus Mars Posts: 100Moderator Moderator

    We'll be happy to have you in the game, @cevans. You can download the app on any compatible iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire mobile device. See you on "The Yellow Brick Road"!

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