Too many unfixed NOT helpful

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I can live with a few bugs, especially if you have devs working on them. But this is unforgivable. Not only am I not getting the weekly prizes for completing each tier (butterfly challenge, etc), the monthly 'check-in' is still dumping back to day 1 on the 20th day.

The worst part........Only one of the five support people I've emailed back and forth with have been helpful. They've basically been creatively ignoring each question, or completely deflecting parts of a message. I've even had one promise specific power ups and coins to make up for the issues, only for them to never show up and have support ignore that fact afterwards (they basically stated I was never promised those things, even after attaching the email).

Again, I can forgive certain bugs. But I think it's time I go to google and demand my money back. I've also had coins that disappeared, and other game mechanics that are clearly designed to make me fail and purchase more power ups (like power ups not working on the very last piece to remove........only the very last move).

Sucks to be at level 970 and have to delete the game from my phone, but your support staff (and the complete lack of) gave me zero other options....


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