Issues with Wizard Of Oz magic match on my iPhone

my2camnjaymy2camnjay Posts: 2Member Not a Title, but a Star
Hi everyone I am new to the forums!!! I am really hoping I can get some help because I have been trying to fix this problem for 48 hours now! This is what's going on.... I am on level 339 now but I started having problems with the game two days ago on level 338 (wicked witch level) it took me 45 minutes to complete that level because the game was running so slow and every move took a few minutes for the pieces to clear the board, and if my screen got turned sideways the whole app would just shut off! In the past when the app would run a little slow I would restart my phone by powering it off then powering it back on and it would fix the problem but I've done that 10 times and the problem is not fixed this time! Also it keeps telling me that I'm playing off-line but my Internet connection has not changed in the past three years so I'm not sure why it's saying that and all my other match three games are staying connected and working perfectly! I am playing the game on my phone which is an iPhone 5!!! Please someone help me this is my favorite game and I am really going through it without it! Thank you in advance for your help!


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