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*Legit* Board kings hack gems - how to get coins & gems [ Android, IOS ]

Wislak93Wislak93 Posts: 8Registered User Loose Cannon

I will show you how to use Board Kings hack to get free gems for your account in just couple of minutes. Don’t worry you don’t need to spend any money on it, its free to use generator. It would be nice to share it with your friends and support this website and the developers. Also sometimes buy the gems from the game and support game developers since the put a lot effort to make the game!


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Let’s get down to business. To use these cheats please visit the URL that you can find in the beginning of the video. Its not complicated to use it at all. There are a few details you need to fill out like, your username (so they can know where to send all those gems that you want), your platform (ios or Android) and the exact amount of gems you want to see on your account. After that you will need to go through the verification process. It takes some time (2-3minutes) to download 2 apps from the official store, but you cant have free gems without doing it.


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