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Harvest Swap will not load on my computer or anyone elses but.....

ShadowedladyShadowedlady Registered User Posts: 1 Not a Title, but a Star will load with my roommates account. If she signs in under her Facebook and brings up harvest swap, all is good. If I sign into my Facebook and try to bring up Harvest Swap, it loads to about 99% and then just stays there. We have tried it in chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer(Which displays that there isn't enough memory and to close any open tabs((There isn't any open)), Firefox (which tells me that a script on this page may be busy or stopped responding).

Once again, my roommates account works fine... so is it a problem with Facebook? The Game? My flash player is up to date etc. Also I should say that it works fine on my IPhone.

Help as I would love to play on computer again.



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