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Level Requirements: Ski Skirmish: 821-840

Sofia AllianahSofia Allianah Super ModeratorSuper Moderator Posts: 104 mod

Clear 120 Mud. Collect 12 Dog Treats. Harvest 120 Blueberries and Grass

Break 10 Ice Cubes. Collect 50 Hay Bales. Harvest 60 Eggplants and Purple Cabbages

Collect 18 Dog Bones and Pink Roses. Harvest 280 Lemons and Apples

Other Goal: Collect 18 Water Droplets.

Clear 100 Mud. Break 10 Ice Cubes. Collect 10 Tires and Pink Roses

Harvest 200 Apples and Corns. Harvest 400 Blueberries and Watermelons

Other Goal: Collect 10 Water Droplets.

Collect 20 Dog Bones and Tires. Harvest 150 Purple Gems and Yellow Gems

Break 20 Ice Cubes. Harvest 110 Blueberries, Watermelons, and Apples

Collect 2 Hammers and Nails. Collect 22 Hay Bales and Tires

Clear 120 Mud. Harvest 120 Corns, Strawberries, and Purple Cabbages

Break 6 Ice Cubes. Collect 6 Pink Roses. Collect 100 Red Gems and Green Gems

Clear 135 Mud. Collect 24 Hay Bales. Harvest 200 Corns and Apples

Other Goal: Collect 24 Water Droplets

Break 25 Ice Cubes. Collect 5 Dog Bones. Harvest 200 Lemons and Blueberries

Earn 400,000 points

Clear 150 Mud. Break 30 Ice Cubes. Harvest 200 Watermelons. Harvest 150 Lemons

Collect 12 Pink Roses and Tires. Harvest 100 Apples and Blueberries

Collect 24 Pink Roses. Harvest 160 Lemons, Apples and Blueberries

Collect 4 Dog Bones. Harvest 140 Purple Cabbages, Watermelons, and Corns

Other Goal: Collect 20 Water Droplets

Break 10 Ice Cubes. Collect 10 Pink Roses and White Gloves. Harvest 100 Lemons

Break 20 Ice Cubes. Collect 20 Pink Roses. Collect 100 Tires. Harvest 200 Watermelons

Other Goal: Harvest 20 Carrots

Clear 230 Mud. Collect 30 Hay Bales. Harvest 90 Lemons. Harvet 190 Apples

Other Goal: Collect 30 Water Droplets

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