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Farmville Harvest Swap and Event

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Hello Swappers!

To celebrate World Water Day, Harvest Swap players have the opportunity to contribute safe water to by collecting water in the game and reaching 3 milestones!

Tier Rewards:
Tier 1 - 12 hours of unlimited lives, 9999 coins - equivalent to 20 days of safe water
Tier 2 - 12 hours of unlimited lives, 4 Shovels, 2 Wheelbarrows - equivalent to 5 months of safe water
Tier 3 - 96 hours of unlimited lives, 100 Diamonds - equivalent to 1 year of safe water

Where do I find the glasses of safe water?
This bonus feature is always available at your latest unlocked level! To go immediately to that level, just tap on the event icon on the upper-right corner of the game board and tap on "Play now!"

How do I get safe water?
The glasses of safe water appear sporadically throughout the level. There are two types of glasses of safe water:
Some crops have a glass of safe water attached to it. To get the safe water, you only have to use that crop in a Match!
Some glasses appear as if it is a crop. This cannot be used in a Match. To get this glass of safe water, you need to hit it with a Super Ability such as the Sunbeam or an exploding Prized Crop.

Zynga will contribute the cost of safe water for 1 person for the highest tier completed.

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