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No Smart Phone

dcsmith1213dcsmith1213 Dedicated Go GetterRegistered User Posts: 1 Not a Title, but a Star
edited July 2015 in Ideas & Feature Requests
Dear Zynga,

I love playing your games and have reached the 'door' to Bad Doggie (Level 141). I now have to wait more than 3 days because the only option other than waiting is to install the game to a mobile phone. Please offer some other alternative as I cannot afford a smart phone or to pay for the service. Yes, I know that it's hard to believe that there are still folks that aren't connected to the world 24/7. But there are a few of us dinosaurs left in this world, either by choice or because our finances won't allow. :P

Respectfully and waiting (im)patiently,

Dottie Smith


Hello Dottie, We appreciate your feedback and suggestions regarding this matter. No worries, I'll make sure to share your sentiments with the Farmville Harvest Swap team. Thanks!


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