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  • Same issue, have been stuck with two requests for FOUR orange. For past 24 hours, I have only deleted requests to try to get just orange.
  • Same here too. I got 4th badge hours b4 it ended... game acknowledged it, no double items for last few hours and no wheelbarrow... not surprised. I even used a bunch of gems to finish it. Ripped off again....
  • Congratulations Zynga, you have succeeded in making this game total ****! Day 3 and still cannot get on trade boat or play boosts. You turned a fun game into a huge stress of wasted anxiety. FIX IT PLEASE!! ive lost enough progress and demoted. Yo…
  • I do not know what you did zynga but undo it. Can't to anything you need connected to wofi for. Can shut off WiFi to harvest, but no trade boat without freezing and seeing everything taken. Samsung tablet. Is this just the end of the road after year…
  • I posted about this yesterday too. It freezes randomly, but positively trying to chat, get on trade boat, do cruise, spinning wheel. Just undo the last darn CONTENT UPDATE! PLEASE! I'm definitely getting demoted tonight in tourney. It sucks that we…
  • It tick me almost 4 hours to be able to post this. I gave up playing, can't to cruise, get on trade boat. Get a few min playing and it freezes. Guess I'm getting demoted in tourney too. Playing on android, Samsung... no horrible problems until updat…
  • Thank you for posting pic. Just had another update, didn't correct problem either...
  • Right after I posted this and left, game shut down, it's doubled now. Wish it would specify to restart to receive.
  • Not even getting double rewards on Katie orders??. Been watching, haven't seen double #s
  • Yep, had to wait for inventory to fill to delete spider web sugar and trade boat is constantly old cruise items for sale.
  • Yep, same here club member activated a crop for crafting points, I could see it, got NOTHING!!! restarted too, didn't work. And it was right after another update... SO DANG MAD!!!
  • Well, they restored my lost wins, but final game, I had to play against a CLONE who had no points and suddenly had 138. It was obvious they were a clone, his HIGH game score was like 24,000, BUT, his current score was 140,000!! Clones scores never …
  • Seems the stage event and noe enchanted grove adds more impediment to playing, especially now in trying to complete orders for daily requests where u might have 10 items but now it wants ANOTHER 10 with limited ether. I said I'd quit with stage even…
  • All this is doing is making it so u have to delete more orders. There should be a choice to shut off ether orders on board. All this is good for is another place to put decorations. Who in the heck can fill 88 orders for an animal? I've got that twi…
  • This seems like another waste of time to fill up storage worse. Now order board takes longer to complete daily quests, etc. If u try change animals u lose current treats, I've already lost 4. 88 treats is a little ridiculous to get a few tools. And …
  • Agreed, there are more 'check back later' notices than supplies. If there are supplies, maybe 2 or 3, then nothing.
  • I'm level 84 and although I've completed each race in the top, with the help of gems to complete a few tasks, never to double prize and, I have not been able to reach ONE badge.
  • Yes! Plus most items take too many supplies or too long. Kart game is not enjoyable waiting hours to collect items and make.
  • Mine too, restarting etc is not fixing it. It's also going to things I'm not clicking on. Keep having to walk away... aggravating!
  • I don't have an answer for you, but I am wondering WHY it is giving lava rocks as prizes when they already shut fall's down!
  • They said they are doing maintenance to change it. It's been 3 days now of no spins...., for me anyway...
  • How long is wheel going to be down? This is 2nd day of not working.
  • It just worked for 2 straight days after months of problems. After content update today, can't spin at all now. Ugh I knew I shouldn't have done update....
  • Did they finally fix it. I was able to watch all videos today without restarting for the first time in over a month! Hope it stays working. Hadn't watched a video in weeks, just a circle spinning, and having to restart multiple times over hours.
  • It has been doing it forever but worse lately. Have to consistently clear memory and restart, but last few days that doesn't even work. 1st they take away bonus spin, now it takes about the whole 24 hours to complete.
  • That's b.s. they delete the crafts. I hope u at least got money for items. I gave up on game months ago. Such a waste of resources. Wish it would just go away. It's crazy u get more of stage event items than regular things you can actually use or se…
  • I hate it. Even tho they have been deleting items from storage so I don't have to wait until I have 600 lights or sea grass, it's still a pain. Haven't bothered to play for months. I wrote them to do a 'stay or go' vote and nothing. I wish we could …
  • Yep, same here, you click on lava rock at fall's and nothing. Restarting did not unfreeze it. Doesn't really matter I guess. It doesn't do boost anyway, just prizes. It's useless.
  • Stupid event. Spend 2 months to get 3 days boosts, then just win extra days and treasure chest prizes. Not had any half time boosts for 2 weeks even tho completed extra days and prizes. This event is a complete rip off.
  • How about taking a poll of who wants to keep this event or see it go away. Especially since you won't let us delete the seagrass and light filaments until inventory is full.