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  • I am getting error code 2605 every time I try to invite a visitor. I have restarted the game several times and did a hard boot on my iPad that I play on. I left game for an hour but still get same error code.
  • I have not found Zynga support to be excellent. It is a joke really. Never get a letter of confirmation that they even got a trouble ticket. I am having the same issues and no help from them. I have several other issues too but get no help nor fixes from these people. They are to busy making more messes of their game and…
  • I have contacted Zynga Support many times and have yet to receive any form of answer from them. My friends get bonus gems at the stingy wheel. They have a tab that suggests friends, I don’t have either. I have played and filled daily order for over 160 times yet get nothing special. This game really works for some but not…
  • A. For weeks I have not been able to visit my co-op friends islands. B. Says to add friends C. No screen shot D. I have forced app closed and restarted app. Also turned iPad off and restarted iPad. E. I use my iPad and running iOS
  • No prize wheel A. Was getting eight wheels a day but took all day to get them as the were spaced way out. Now maybe once a day if lucky. Never have gotten the bonus gems. B. No error message C. Don’t have screen shot D. I have forced app closed and restarted. I have turned tablet off and restarted but nothing works. E. I…