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Peaceful_Acres Tropical Tourist

I have resolved my problem thank you. It was me who was wrong. I agree with one of the other players who said he didn’t get silver dollars I wish I could use some of my gold dollars to get silver and mauve dollars. I will never use all the gold that I have.


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  • I didn’t restore my iPad but the battery went down and my game did something weird. It went back 2 or 3 weeks, I had purchased the two new work shops and ( the carving corner and the boat yard) but my game now didn’t show them, I had built them and they had finished the building process and had been making products from…
  • We were in the middle of a All crops boost with an extra red pepper gold star, and all the boost line disappeared I closed down then logged in again nothing worked. I had to add the purple star then I got my boosts back. Other members had the same problem. We missed out on a lot of points and that is just not right. What…
  • What is the flying fox and the lifeguard kit, the island adventurer kit. What are they for? No one seems to have the answers. Please help, I don’t know whether to make them which takes up my pulleys and other supplies. I need answers and haven’t been able to find them. Thank you :)
  • I have had the same problem I bought a package of gems and I had 67 or so when I woke up I only had 50 gems less. I also want my gems replaced, then today I apparently was on another players island and I didn’t realize it and I was at the end of the 20th day on Zemi’s place and my treasure was chest gave me 10 diamonds,…
  • Yes this is the same problem I am dealing with, it’s very frustrating and you get very tired of having to deal with this..makes you want to quit.....