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  • I have no idea about monkey charms, my game has not produced these...yet which brings me to my question, when will the waterfalls and monkey temple open for play? How does one get a lighthouse?
  • Is there anyway to remove players from clubs if they haven't played in the last 30 days (for example). Not sure why they join if they are not going to participate. Frustrating for those still playing.
  • Needing or wanting to purchase extra for your Island is crazy. Why can't the items be purchased with coins? I feel the frustrations rising and now understand why so many players have stopped playing that were in my Club.
  • I am very frustrated once again with the little added side game of Draculas wedding or whatever it's called. Once again it is impossible to get the items needed to complete. When you have to wait hours to play because getting items takes just that …
  • Tired of shopping the ship when in need of items. Keep seeing the same ole same ole and is nothing I need. THEN when a contest is added the items are all the same for example 500 coconuts or 500 Pineapples. Need to do something about this. Tires…
  • I keep getting days blocked for Zemi prizes for not playing, or so that what it says. I play everyday, several time per day. Something isn't working correctly and it isn't me.
  • There were obviously technical problems early in the Daily Zemi gifts. Each time I would log onto my game it wanted me to accept the gift, which I did. NOW I have had 5 days taken away for not playing. Uh not so. I play my game EVERY day. So go …
  • This wheel is a joke. Once every five hours? seriously? How can you get any gems saved up. New changes making me want to quit playing.
  • Be happy you don't have the new wheel. You might get 2 gems per day. The other prizes are for example: a banana, a sugar cane etc. It really is sorry. It will take F.O.R.E.V.E.R. to build up gems. Guess they want you to buy them. If these kin…
  • I reported earlier about my Huts missing and now all the piers are missing as well. I am afraid things are going to continue to dissapear. Do I continue to play or move on. I am on a Samsumg android, I have used the forced closed and updated gam…
  • Watch videos for free gems but no selection available to collect gems. Missing 3. There is no error message. Using Samsung Tablet
  • Since yesterdays update on game, when video ends there is no selection to collect gem and no gems are given. Need 2 of them please as I did not get them.
  • Any chance getting more decor for the Island? When playing Farmville there was everything from dirt paths to unlimited buildings and such . Not liking so much the restriction of having only a certain number of decorations to be used. How about exp…
  • absolutley no parchments to be found at any landmarks. Been trying to find some for 3 days and nothing. Not sure any of the valentines promo is working.
  • There needs to be more choices, for everything. And why does everything cost soooooooo much money? 30K for a crab trap, really? The price to accumulate items is waaaaaaaaay to high for this game.