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  • There is a member in my club that never got the falls back and she was looking forward to it. Sorry you have not gotten it. They really need to fix this game. To many problem with it.
  • Thanks everyone for answering. I think if they are going to put an event out they should let everyone have it. There is only 2 members in my club that have it. I am still waiting on an answer back from them but I am sure it will take a while to get …
    in New event!! Comment by LazyDays May 4
  • I sent them email just waiting to see what they say. Maybe they didn't roll it out for everyone.
    in New event!! Comment by LazyDays May 3
  • Can they open up more space or open the monkey thing that says coming soon? The game is really boring when you hit level 90. Just wish had more room and more stuff to do besides cruise or the stupid events. Oh and can they make it so we get more th…
  • Mine has been doing it for over a month. Don't no what is going on with it. Hope you get it to work.
  • I have had the same problem. Some times they will load but others they won't. I have to go out then come back into game to be able to spin the wheel. It don't always work but at least you can try it. I have not found away to fix it. Good luck h…
  • Thank you for letting me know what was going on. I have been able to watch a few videos here and there.
    in Video's Comment by LazyDays March 5
  • Yes it's messed up how they do that. I have found that the new game they put with it gives you more building parts then the berry popping one. I like the other one more. Good luck hope everyone gets it done in time to use it.
    in Waterfall Comment by LazyDays January 13
  • I really don't know. I don't think she knows that answer but I will ask her the next time I see her on.
  • Thank you for letting me no.
  • The person became a VIP member. They will get emails about events and other stuff. I just got 5 VIP boost because it was my 1 year anniversary for being a VIP. It's really cool if you ask me because if you have any questions about anything that has…
  • Omg I no what you mean. You have to have rules or ppl will do whatever. I try and tell people how to use the boost but they dont listen. It's like why waste my time I am not the leader so I think I will just play my game and let everyone else be the…
  • Yes I understand what you are saying but I was talking about a real person not a bot. I wish they would do something about them as well but they use them too. I have seeing their bot a lot buying up my stuff in market. So I just wish they would fix …
  • I dont think everyone cheats. I just knew these players did . I dont think you would want to know how to time travel. It messes up your game. I understand that people can get high points without cheating buy having all shops running all the time but…
  • This game has become so boring that I dont even want to play much anymore. This event is so long and slow that I dont think I will do this round of it . Hard to get the rose you need for a few items and I just dont care anymore. There is no sinc…
  • 2 of them have left and started their own club so the other 3 will be right behind them. I wish I could kick them out but i dont have the power to do that. I will leave the club if they end up staying. Thank you for answering my question. It was…
  • Thank you so much. I ended up going back to my old club, but now if I want to make a new club I will no not to pick just any name.
  • Hi! I have a new club and I am looking for members. The name is a stupid name but oh. If you would like to join look up Party Club lmao or just leave a message here and I will get you in. Thanks and have a great weekend.
  • I have that one also kateeeboo92. My club didnt no what I was talking about until I posted a picture on our Facebook page. One other club member has it with me.
  • So everyone has the monkey event I take it? Ok thank you guys.
  • It might also be a language thing they can't speak our language or whatever language you speak but there's always a way around that cuz in our club we have people from all over the place and they speak our language because they use translators or wh…
  • I had screen shots of what I am talking about. They start at 11:59 and they end about 2 or 3 minutes before anyone else is done. It dont matter who runs them it's the same every time. I have emailed them about this and have done what they have told …
  • I emailed them and it's still not fixed. My time has not changed so dont see how that would be the issue. Hope they will get it fixed soon. Thank you for you reply.
  • Guess I am the only one having this problem. Hope no one else is have the other problem i am having. When I start running boost it starts at 12:59 and not 15 like it should.
  • I been playing since 2016 but I figured it out. Thnx
  • Ty both for some reason my brain just went crazy on me and thought something wasn't right. I figured it out shortly after I posted it that it was always like that.
  • Here see what I mean
  • I have been messing with some stuff you can do with you game name. My game name right now is upside down. I really need to change it but all you do it just go and search for copy and paste symbols. You will find a lot of stuff you can do if you just…
  • I was hoping it wasnt someone hacking the game or what not. I gave them my number so will wait and see what comes of it. Thank you for the information. 😀