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Hi, Tropic Hosts! I may not be able to reply to all your private messages but rest assured that I'm submitting your issues/feedback to the team for review. Thank you.


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  • newfv2

    No results for how do you apply the sunshine. I have enough sunshine & I need to use it but the faq only tells us how to get it not how to use it. Please help me.

    September 29
    • newfv2
      I'm still waiting for someone to tell me HOW to USE sunshine, I already have enough, I need to use it but I don't know how. Please HELP
    • kfolly9
      tap on the sunshine button to harvest a crop immediately or you can give it to others who need it. A list of people requesting sunshine will appear, usually soon after you gon onto the game. I'm also new and discovering how to play this game. I apologize if my instructions are not clear.
  • Rossy0003
    • Rossy0003
      I use desktop computer
  • Rossy0003

    hello good evening, my game restarted to level 0 and I had already reached level 13, can you fix it please

    September 23
  • LaydeeDarkniss

    Please help. After update my iOS devise and game are not syncing to the cloud anymore. I keep getting a pop up that claims ‘to sync game to the cloud you must first download the newest content’ but I already have done the update and everything is up to date. I deleted my game app and reinstalled and now I had to start all the way over from level 1. I’m devastated because I have been playing for years with no issues. I’ve tried messaging and sending snap shots to Zynga technical support with no response. Can someone help me?

    September 7