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Princess in Pink Community Moderator

Hi, Tropic Hosts! I may not be able to reply to all your private messages but rest assured that I'm submitting your issues/feedback to the team for review. Thank you.


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  • newfv2

    No results for how do you apply the sunshine. I have enough sunshine & I need to use it but the faq only tells us how to get it not how to use it. Please help me.

    September 29
  • Rossy0003
    • Rossy0003
      I use desktop computer
  • Rossy0003

    hello good evening, my game restarted to level 0 and I had already reached level 13, can you fix it please

    September 23
  • LaydeeDarkniss

    Please help. After update my iOS devise and game are not syncing to the cloud anymore. I keep getting a pop up that claims ‘to sync game to the cloud you must first download the newest content’ but I already have done the update and everything is up to date. I deleted my game app and reinstalled and now I had to start all the way over from level 1. I’m devastated because I have been playing for years with no issues. I’ve tried messaging and sending snap shots to Zynga technical support with no response. Can someone help me?

    September 7
  • Gintoninn
    I don't understand why some players have the enchanted grove and it's suppose to be unlocked at level 19 but I'm level 23 and it still says coming soon. My friend got it when she got to level 19 and I also started playing same day and was same level and have not got it. Is there a bug
    August 15
  • mamioso

    Someone in my club has informed my that my first and last name appears on my icon. How can this be corrected. I feel as though my identity shouldn’t appear.

    August 10