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Princess in Pink Community Moderator

Hi, Tropic Hosts! I may not be able to reply to all your private messages but rest assured that I'm submitting your issues/feedback to the team for review. Thank you.


Princess in Pink
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  • Demented_Diva

    Due to the cruise ship disappearance we could not reach our target goal and were demoted a level. Are we able to be put back to the level we were?

    April 24
  • cbee3333
    I am still not seeing the cruise ship.
    April 24
  • Christinaowens24_
    My ship is still gone.
    April 22
    • gracemo
      My ship also has not yet returned others are playing a new cruise and I was informed it was fixed but it appears it's not quite
  • c311569

    My ship disappeared

    April 22
  • 240267sb

    I hadbeen making and filling orders for my cruise ship for acouple of days then i got a message saying oh oh your playing an old version of the game and then my sbip just dissapeared

    April 22
  • Dorinha
    Meu Cruzeiro sumiu do nada.
    April 21
  • cricketscastaways

    Hi Princess, excuse me if I am writing in the wrong place. I tried reporting these problems in Bugs and Issues and received no answers. My tablet did an auto update for Zynga last night.
    Resulting in my Cruise Ship disappearing. I tried to uninstall the game and reinstall it and still
    I have no Cruise Ship. I also have no Crystal Caverns and at level 21 I am still only getting 8 spins with lower lever players getting 12 spins ? When I try to friends to my Club mates they do
    Not get them. I know these issues seem minor, but I came to this game as a rescue from a very dissatisfied Paradise Bay Game that just quite on use loyal players after years of playing
    and great expense. I was hoping to have fun on this game with out all the pitfalls. Please let me know if this is going to be possible ? It's hard to be a Club Leader when your very dissatisfied with game and your always finishes in the top 3 now you can't help them. Where will I find a response to my issues ? My inbox ?

    April 19
  • phamton

    This is a screen shot form my last cruise. The top 5 clubs were the cheaters. Look at those clubs and the individual stats of their members. The individuals in those clubs almost all have millions/ billions in the tournament. Now also look at the club score on the cruise ship in the screenshot. They have scores in the millions on it too. So the club is cheating on the cruise ship and the members are cheating on their individual tournaments. When I visited the club site I checked the stats on each of their members & reported them earlier w/ the report button.Do a search on those club names& thenlook at each member in that cheating club. Their individual stats will be off the charts with a million daily streak, a billion helicopter helps, and billion personal best in tournaments. So they cheat individually & as a group.

    April 7