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Passion Reef Diver


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    February 11
  • MonikaLanier
    I loved your comment on how you rank so high on the weekly tournament leader board. It's easy for us to think that somebody is cheating when they are actually working extremely hard to get where they are. You have given me more insight on game strategy. Congratulations on your hard work.
    January 16
    • Passion
      Thank you, it's really fun when you start working it out and what gets you then high craft points.
      As well as changing your 2x towards the end as it is only 1 gem ;)
      I hope it works out great for you :)
      It makes me wonder if anyone has ever reported me for cheating when I haven't lol.
      Have loads of fun ;)
    • Tincupchalice
      passion, you had an awesome response! Thank you! I was curious - which do you think is the better choice towards leveling up/earning coins asap re: boosts? Double xp or craft points? Also, I still dont completely understand them. Do recieve your boost reward when you BEGIN planting/cooking ev3n if those 15 min expire, or when you harvest?? Im confused since they all seem to have a 15 min window, but they havent given us very much that fits that. I have 20+ boosts ready, but dont want to waste. Sorrycto be so ling-winded. Just not used to response from ANYONE
    • Passion
      Best thing to do is for example if you have all 3 for cotton for example which is the clock, yellow star and purple star, plant your cotton and wait 10 mins then set your 3 boosts off together that way your cotton will be ready to harvest straight away and you will get more out of it by craft points (yellow star) and Xp points (purple star) and of course more cotton to store in your silo or to sell on.
      If you was to plant cotton and set boosts off straight away you will lose out as it will not be ready to harvest straight away! As all frenzy last as you know 15 mins.
      Same apply to work shops load them 1st wait over 10 mins for them maybe a bit longer depending on how long they take to make then set your boosts off, sometimes you will get them all spit out at once Bonus if they do :*) or you might find only a few will spit out but it's still a good thing ;*)
      Each frenzy boost (clock) makes that item to 3 mins so like with the cotton that takes hour and half normally but with the clock it takes only 3 mins same apply to the workshops each item only takes 3 mins. As I said above load and wait 10 mins or over and you will get more craft and xp for that 15 min frenzy ;*) if you have quick sand that will also spit them out as each item is only taking 3 mins to make ;*)
      Craft (yellow star) is good for things if you are racing in the weekly tourney.
      XP (purple star) is for leveling up which is for gaining more workshops, More crop patches and new items that can be made at the workshops you've already got on your island.
      Your heli if you have it yet is good for Xp I love helping out on others heli orders I think I'm over 1k helps.
      Also if you are doing a 3 boost on a tree if you have sun's that will expire before you are next on use your sun's up on that 3 boost as you will get more items and xp and craft points within that 15 mins.
      Hope this helps :)
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    January 22
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    Getting this far requires gumption, something you have in spades.
    January 15
  • Njmom130

    I am Nancy’s seaside resort

    January 4
    • Passion
      Hiya only just got your message so I will put it in the group for the others to know to accept you, I've not see the request yet and I was on this morning. So if it's possible for you to try again please ;)
  • Njmom130

    Sent a request

    January 4
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    January 3
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    December 2017