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  • gatita2020
    Hi Zynga! I am Serenity Karla. My gems are dissapearing. I had 460 and suddenly they went down to 439. I haven't used them. I checked everytime because I have seen glitches. Please repair this and give my gems back. I have spent money buying them and i don't think it's fair not to have this looked upon. Thank you.
    May 21
  • Rita_K

    Tulips are not being found for approximately 3 days. As are many other players , I have been stuck for days needing 7 tulips​.
    I realize this is just a game, but it should be fun and a stress reliever. Instead it is just frustrating. There is no way to finish the event unless this fixed.

    April 16
    • ArcticF0xx
      I'm experiencing the same thing, @Rita_K. However, I just found two this morning, so that was encouraging.
    • Bluewaters
      Same with mine. Only couple of hours left, I have received 0
      I could just scream right now☹️
    • PurpleParadise
      Found no tulips this morning
  • aimeew123
    Please extend the challenge. I can not get the tulips needed in 4 hours!!!!
    April 17
    • ArcticF0xx
      I understand this frustration. Keep loading the game to find Flower Patches. You can also purchase Sage from the Market to help you find Sturdy Cloth to make Garden Gloves.
  • Bevmularchuk

    Please extend the challenge. Have not been able to get tulips for days. Frustrating

    April 17
    • ArcticF0xx
      We hear you. I personally had to purchase Sage and play 24/7. I also kept loading the game constantly to try and find Flower Patches.
  • Tinaj

    Still not getting tulips! Ugh

    April 16
    • ArcticF0xx
      I'm having a hard time too, @Tinaj. This is part of the challenge, so keep on working on it like me :)
    • MsJay
      I'm having the same problem. Stuck on 8 for 3 days. Love this game but it sucks that we can't finish the challenge without the tulips?
  • Advika

    Lost game progress for the 4th time. Today I lost 12hrs progress. It did not even asked me for a choice it just restarted automatically now I m back where I was 12hrs earlier. Have to fill all the orders again. Was 3rd in the top resort tournament. Now i m 5th. Before this I lost level 40 progress due to forced upgrade during Christmas time.

    April 10
    • ArcticF0xx
      Hello @Advika, please check your messages :)
  • Nessa

    Is there still supposed to be a telescope? Mine has been gone for a long time.

    March 19
    • ArcticF0xx
      Hi, @Nessa, when ads are currently unavailable, the Telescope will not be visible for a while. Availability of video ads depends from time to time.
  • MSoledad
    Please help me! I lost my island!
    I had to delete all my cellphone and when I reinstalled the game i was in level 1! I arrived to level 2 and connected to Facebook in order to get my island but I am still in level 2!
    I am level 32
    I tried to ask help inside the game but says that something went wrong
    I am desperate I love to play I love my island
    March 20
    • ArcticF0xx
      So sorry to hear this, @MSoledad. I see this was posted weeks ago. Are you still experiencing this issue?
  • Rita_K

    I am having a chronic issue with guests never arriving even though it shows they were sent. I only receive a guest on every third request even though it shows one was sent in the chat window. It's frustrating especially during an event. I've tried everything; force closing my app, clearing my cache, rebooting my Android device, exiting the game right before making a request, and even deleting the game on a second device. Nothing helps. I would appreciate some response from Zynga! One thing I have noticed is that if I request a guest and someone sends it during the time I'm still in the game, it arrives. The times I don't receive one, are when I'm not actively playing and come back hours​ later to see that one was sent that didn't arrive. Please respond.

    April 14
    • ArcticF0xx
      Please check your Messages, @Rita_K. :)
  • Rrsa

    Yo de vosotros no pondría un céntimo en una compañía como esta,y si lo hubiera hecho vería la manera de que me devolvieran el dinero ,son malos,malos y malos ,malas actualizaciones,poco responsables yo de vosotros, denunciaría a ZYNGA

    April 14