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Quarter Master Store

BlackSwanBlackSwan Member Posts: 1 Tropical Tourist
Hi, I know this has probably been discussed in the past but would it be possible to incorporate a stand alone store for beach clubs whereby each beach club member can contribute items for use by other club members. Expansion, cruise items and general items which can then be used by other club members. The store would need to be controlled by one member of the club, possibly the club leader, and members, through the chat, request the items. The store would need to be able to purchase items under normal rules and perhaps a facility could be put in place for club members to contribute coins also. The store would also need to be increased by utilising the coins at hand or by collecting items as per the silo and boat house.
Are there any thoughts out there?
I am not trying to dumb the game down but find, as a beach club leader, there is a reticence among some beach club members to become actively involved in the chat and cruises. The store would also help with new and relatively inexperienced club members to grow their islands by using the knowledge of the better and well established players.


  • JacarandaBlueJacarandaBlue Member Posts: 5 Tropical Tourist

    I think that all that needs to happen is for Zynga to split the Buddies/Club market into two separate markets (seriously, we don't really need a separate market for Buddies - they can just use the Global Market). Having a Beach Club-only market would be brilliant: we lose so much stuff to dishonest former Buddies who must clearly understand that the trade is for a specific player as they are usually sold at a very discounted price.

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