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why is everything so erratic?

tingting Member Posts: 11 Caribbean Cruiser

i use this game to calm allows me to blank out everything for an hour or so and that calms me down. however, lately, the game plays so erratically that i find myself infuriated by the time i stop. i am almost at the point of looking for another game, which i don't really want to because i like this one. when i swipe to have an action take place, it takes several times before it reacts, then it may just quit and i have to do it again. EACH action today took a few seconds to happen, NOTHING moved smoothly, froze often...i was about to throw my tablet across the room!!! does this happen to anyone else? is this just the way games are?....because it is no longer relaxing and i'll have to find some other source for my distraction from life. plus, the game will often quit entirely suddenly and i have to start completely over, which then takes a few minutes to get back up and running. VERY ANNOYING...any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.


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