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Cruise ship goal/items

SperdueSperdue Member Posts: 8 Beach Bum

Since the addition of ranking, our cruise ship goal went up to 204,000+. This is completely unreachable in three days. For the costume cruise, it uses a lot of resources for very little points, so makes it impossible. Bottom line, it takes the fun out of playing an awesome game. Most of my club decided to not participate simply because they don’t have enough of items to craft things. Please fix this and make it fun again.


  • JanetDJanetD Member Posts: 50 Pineapple Purist

    Had the same problem, goal went way up and our lower ranking members ran out of the rarer stuff to craft with very quickly... especially vanilla. We did get to the boost bottle thanks to a member who provided a 2x boost but that is as far as we can go.

  • CincyLadyGalCincyLadyGal Member Posts: 361 Geode Collector

    what is this ranking thing? I mean for us, our goal was like 56k when the ship 1st came in, then 6 hours later, we came back and it was 112k. Has that happened to anyone else for the goal to change mid cruise?

  • MikeRGMikeRG Member Posts: 2 Tropical Tourist
    This is definitely where the fun ended in our club too. We all lost interest because it’s simply impossible to finish! Before the ranking idea, we could reach our goal.. not saying it was easy, it did make us work for the prizes but it was fun!!
  • bushlady2bushlady2 Member Posts: 77 Flirting with Flamingos

    I have to agree....our club has decided not to try to reach these unattainable goals. There wasn't enuf time to recoup our resources to make the necessary items to even give it a run for our money. I do like the tasks oriented visitors quests. I do those the most. Zynga, your "improvements" are going to drive a lot of players out of the game. When it no longer becomes fun, we stop playing. Make the goals attainable. I cannot even imagine a 204K goal. Totally unrealistic!

  • littlladylittllady Member Posts: 8 Beach Bum
    Our club gets close to a million if not more on our cruise score.Our goal is 207 - 209,000. you can come join our club Friends helping Friends if yours cant make enough points! We are ranking more each time!
  • JillziesJillzies Member Posts: 1 Tropical Tourist
    Agreed. Most of our club members work and can't sit on this game throughout the day crafting to get the points required. For people like us the fun has been sucked out of the game and it's now an impossible task. We were having fun working together as a club to reach the cruise ship goal now that's ruined. Please take into consideration when making these changes most of us have lives and responsibilities, and can't play this game 24/7, unlike some clubs who obviously are, or cheating, to get 2,000,000 plus points.
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