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Negative Feedback: Expensive Items

lozza5857lozza5857 Member Posts: 2 Tropical Tourist
edited July 2017 in Feedback & Suggestions

I just wanted to say that it is very expensive to buy machines, trees etc and it takes so long. To sell items or do challenges is great but the monetary rewards are not enough to buy anything. I am at the right level to buy a machine and tree but both of them together is $500,000. Even if I play all day and make and sell things I'm lucky to make $10,000. Give us players a break and be fair with your prices and prizes. I love playing the game but it's getting boring just making things over and over for weeks to buy things. I refuse to buy money to get the necessary things needed in the game. If it's not fixed I won't be playing anymore. FIX IT


  • kathykathy Member Posts: 1 Tropical Tourist

    I agree prices are too high then when you get a building you have to wait for it to appear

  • Demented_DivaDemented_Diva Member Posts: 6 Beach Bum
    235,000 for a Macadamia Tree!? 6 days for a building!? This is beyond ridiculous. Love the game but not spending money on it. Lower the prices Zynga.
  • KIMNEYBEANKIMNEYBEAN Member Posts: 16 Wave Watcher
    I also think the prices are too high. What's sad is it's so easy to accidentally buy something too. I had saved up 18 gems but accidentally hit the wrong button and ended super buying a new slot, which I didn't need or wanted. :'(
  • Cherylf031863Cherylf031863 Member Posts: 1 Tropical Tourist

    Things are WAY too expensive!! Was excited that I finally got to buy a banana tree until I saw the price!!! Yikes!! Come on really? Ridiculous!!!

  • cocoapalmcocoapalm Member Posts: 1 Tropical Tourist
    Yes totally agree... 99 cents for 750 coins... What does that buy.. just to buy a building is easily over 50,000 coins and I'd spend real money if 100,000 coins were say 4.99 but I'll never spend real money on this game the prices are ridiculously overpriced and no profit will be made from those prices, if they lowered their prices they'd make up price gaps in quantity. As well as the silver dollars.. takes forever to get any and can't finish tasks because the turtle keeps swimming up on random treats. Otherwise it's an awesome game.
  • MonikaLanierMonikaLanier Member Posts: 104 Hot Spring Indulger
    I too agree! So excited that I leveled up to the avocado tree only to discover that it costs 85,000 coins. I cant afford it. I cant take advantage of any of the recipes that require avocados. I cant complete any quests that require avocados. Nobody is selling avocaados. Dont get me started on the extremely rare silver dollars or how I need 20 shark teeth to finish a task but it takes 4 hours to earn 1 shark tooth. Zynga please!
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