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Negative Feedback: Leaderboard Bucketing (unfair/removal of bots)



  • kristampkristamp Member Posts: 53 Pineapple Purist

    @hopper77 Sry to hear of your partners passing. My thoughts are with you.

  • kristampkristamp Member Posts: 53 Pineapple Purist

    So this week I started the tourney and within an hour the leader had nearly 30000 points. A suggestion would be (and has been said before) match players of equal levels and those people who previous all ended with roughly the same score. It's no fun otherwise. This is the last week I'll spend gems for crafting boosts. I was blown out of the competition before it even started.

  • 1Maryanne_11Maryanne_1 Member Posts: 10 Caribbean Cruiser
    This game is a joke just like the other zynga apps I have closed my purse and this game is following soon why bother with the aggravation of an app that should be fun and relaxing tg I don't a small child to shake like the woman did while playing farmville after zynga realizes people are not paying anymore they'll shut this game down like they have many others
  • WilsonsWilsons Member Posts: 1 Tropical Tourist
    Does anyone know how this is happening? The top resort in my tournament has 22,000 points and when you click on the island it says they were seen this year and their current crafting level is zero... The island looks normal and all other islands are loading fine and look normal...
  • phamtonphamton Member Posts: 1,602 Lava Lounger

    @Wilsons said:
    Does anyone know how this is happening? The top resort in my tournament has 22,000 points and when you click on the island it says they were seen this year and their current crafting level is zero... The island looks normal and all other islands are loading fine and look normal...

    It sounds like someone stopped playing and never collected from the last tournament they were in. If they don't open the game, then the points remain from whenever they last played.

  • PassionPassion Member Posts: 234 Souvenir Collector

    At 1st I did find this a challenge but now I have noticed it's impossible to even get in top 5
    I'm on 22k sitting at 8 position, The 1st position is only on 3x and has not got hardly anything on her island, I play Alot I'm on the 4x so I think in future I will not spend the 25 to get the 4x I don't see the point!
    But still loving the game as so much to do apart from the tourney!


  • MascotMascot Member Posts: 35 Beachcomber
    How can anyone compete with this ! I'm so over it ! Seems that this game has become nothing but a money pit over the past six months or so. I'm not playing anywhere near as much as I used to because of this. I love a good competition, but not when you are up against an unfair playing field.
  • Apache1Apache1 Member Posts: 9 Beach Bum
    I love farmville tropic escapes but i have about reached my limit with zynga over this leaderboard issue. I spend all day and all night on this game and have around 18000 points when tournament starts, and people are starting with 40000 plus. There is just now way. Honestly i stay up all night and not currently working. Zynga used to always address issues but as far as this issue goes they really need to step up to the plate or lose alot of players
  • Apache1Apache1 Member Posts: 9 Beach Bum
    I am just about ready to delete my game, and all the cash i spend
  • jennieann68jennieann68 Member Posts: 14 Caribbean Cruiser
    Seriously I love a good tournament but it's a little difficult when playing players 10 levels higher than you and they are already 500000 points ahead? WTH
  • jennieann68jennieann68 Member Posts: 14 Caribbean Cruiser
    edited May 2017
    Sigh!!!! Used to enjoy the game but with all the changes and price changes its time to look for another game.
  • JacqDVJacqDV Member Posts: 20 Wave Watcher
    edited May 2017
    Is everybody absolutely certain that the real players ARE, in fact, real people and not simply Bots 2.0?
  • DidoDido Member Posts: 113 Hot Spring Indulger

    I have really enjoyed trying to be the top resort when it's been bots. I've worked hard and played lots to win the extra animal and claim the trophies. However, that ended today!
    All I see is totally unobtainable scores and unrealistic competition.
    So I've given up on that. I won't be buying gems. Too much more nonsense and I shall be uhinstalling.

  • Caro_KayakCaro_Kayak Member Posts: 266 Island Enthusiast

    @dido you can still enjoy the game without the tourney ... it's just a bonus so why not enjoy the bits you like and forget the tourney?

  • Emerald CoveEmerald Cove Member Posts: 21 Island Bound
    There is definitely a problem with top resort tournament. Number 1 spot is over 100,000 and number 15 is only 9,000. See attached screenshot. That is way too large a gap. Must be some way to even it out.
  • DeoBtrDeoBtr Member Posts: 134 Starfish
    edited May 2017
    Soy nivel 34, casi siempre inicio el torneo con 15-18 k y me esfuerzo mucho para ello; incluso todos mis edificios tienen entre 4 y 5 ranuras de elaboración, y aun así apenas y logro quedar entre los 5 primeros. Los tres primeros lugares me parecen intocables, al iniciar el torneo tienen lo cuádruple de lo que yo llevo.
    I'm level 34, almost always start the tournament with 15 to 18 k and I work hard for it; even all my buildings are between 4 and 5 slots preparation, and still barely managed to be in the top 5. The first three places seem untouchable, to start the tournament you have four times what I wear.
  • phamtonphamton Member Posts: 1,602 Lava Lounger

    I am in 16th place with 63,000. First place has 210,000 and all top 5 spots have over 100,000. It is impossible for me to catch up even with 3 boosts going. First place with over 200K is only a level 32 so I am not sure how that is even possible. She can't even make the high XP products that I can at level 44. She made a 100,000 gain in one day. I don't know how unless there is cheating going on.

  • phamtonphamton Member Posts: 1,602 Lava Lounger

    Now first place has almost 400,000. How is that possible for someone who is level 32? And how does anyone gain 200,000 in one day?

  • mamiosomamioso Member Posts: 27 Coconut Collector

    The last two Top Resort Tournaments I've been in has the winner with almost 2million points. It would appear there is some unfair participation. Is there anyway to top it?

  • RuazinhaRuazinha Member Posts: 37 Beachcomber

    I sincerely doubt it......sorry....

  • RuazinhaRuazinha Member Posts: 37 Beachcomber

    I came in 1st this week after many weeks of seeing 1st place start the tourney at 30, 40 50k points.Ridiculous, yes....

  • TrademasterTrademaster Member Posts: 5 Beach Bum
    Im also tired of being put in tournmants where i dont stand a chance at first place. I complained to,Zanga about,it last week but guess it fell on deaf ears. Almost 19,000 at start of tournmant and still start in 4th place, im not spending any,more money here and ahout time to start looking for a new game that at least gives me a chance in the,tournmants.
  • BeccaA33BeccaA33 Member Posts: 10 Caribbean Cruiser
    I agree! Somehow today I logged in and was in 3rd place of my tourney and was like... finally a fair chance. Saw there was an update... did update.... logged right back in and was suddenly in 10th place and the top person suddenly had 75k points?!? WTF?!? No one is getting 50k points in 4 min!!
    I'm over this! Zynga is really messing things up. The game used to be fun and fair and now the tournament is stupid and useless.
  • Princessbunny1Princessbunny1 Member Posts: 2 Tropical Tourist
    I hate the new set up for the weekly tournament. I used to play it because I had a chance of getting in the top three. Now no matter how much I play I cannot even get passed 12th. I see this game becoming like all the rest money hungry games. I'm sure I will stop playing it like the rest soon. Sad that they do not care about players. I guess they do not care if they start losing a bunch. I will start look for a new game now. I really liked this game. I'm sure I will not be the only one leaving.
  • SpillqueenSpillqueen Member Posts: 9 Beach Bum
    edited June 2017

    I am sad that a part of the game I really enjoyed - it was the part that really felt challenging, and then satisfying, to place in the top 3 - no longer exists. This 'new, enhanced' version of the Top Resort Tournament doesn't have a single redeeming factor. In my tournament this week, I started at 6600 and the leader started with 96000 - which is not obtainable, even if I play 24 hours a day for all four days. 6600 is higher than what I have previously started at when I came first. Now, lucky if I crack top 10. Can Zynga give us a choice which type of tournament we want to play in - bots or cheaters? I preferred the bots.

  • mamaoriemamaorie Member Posts: 35 Beachcomber
    The weekly resort tournament is awful. Competeing with people who are at least 5 to 10 level above me..... Can never get above 6 or 7th place... Where 1 used to always place in top 3...change it back
  • boatdoc943boatdoc943 Member Posts: 55 Pineapple Purist

    Well I can't move , I'm in last place and can't move up , I have the lifeguard plus the girl , payed for the three things like the candy machine etc ( a lot of money) and I can't move I'm just standing still, that doesn't make sense , my XP is never moving , and I'm playing with people I've never seen before , I played all day and started out with 20,000 and I'm still there , I just gave up , I can't reach any one for help , but does it matter anyway, but it only makes sense i should be moving and things are all wrong in my game , I feel very sad [email protected] boatdoc943 village

  • jojo830jojo830 Member Posts: 7 Beach Bum
    I was put into a game where at the start the top player was at 80,000 and the rest were at 6k-7k. The rest of the week top player gained the same amount of points as the rest...hmmmm?
  • cancerladycancerlady Member Posts: 39 Beachcomber
    Yes...I'm in a game where the top player started at over 80,000 as well. I'm playing at least 9 hrs per day, but getting nowhere! Please help us!
  • LeonieehLeonieeh Member Posts: 6 Beach Bum

    How can you all compete against each other when some have 3 mills and some only 2 !! Same with lookouts etc.
    Hardly fair is it ?????
    It's not like you can get an extra one if you don't have it !!!! That isa big reason why there is so much difference in the scoring!!!!!!!!!
    Some will never end in the top 5 no matter how long they play for

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