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When is Zynga going to expand to include the monkey ruins or the waterfall hieroglyphs?

KiwiKiwi Member Posts: 4 Tropical Tourist

It would be nice to see these other areas open up as exploration challenges; maybe a game within a game or just another enhancement. I think this would be far more exciting than the cruise ship and, based on what I read, the cruise ship is not very exciting or rewarding. I don’t enjoy it very much. It would also be beneficial to use the collected expansion items in these areas. I have many rings, survival kits, etc that are of little use outside of the global market or the rare Board Order. When clicking the monkey ruins and the waterfall heiroglyphs areas it states “coming soon”. It’s been that was since the beginning, well over a year now, so when is “soon”?


  • LazyDaysLazyDays Member Posts: 8 Beach Bum
    I think they need to fix the problem with the game before they do that. The game is so messed up right now I am wondering if they no what they are doing. I hope as soon as the problems get fixed then they will open them up.

    Just my opinion.
  • KiwiKiwi Member Posts: 4 Tropical Tourist

    I agree with your thoughts. I just find the game is getting repetitive and edging towards boredom.

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