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Stuck on a level....

Sam0624Sam0624 Member Posts: 5 Tropical Tourist

I have been on level 44 for a LONG time. Why does it take so seems the higher you go the longer it takes :


  • phamtonphamton Member Posts: 817 Inn Entrepreneur

    It takes me around one million points for each level. I am level 59. The higher the level, the more difficult it is.

  • mrsfittsmrsfitts Member Posts: 191 Mermaid's Scale Polisher

    Too bad the double experience points feature of the island events or helicopter broke. The last 2 didn't award the double experience points and the feature has been not in evidence since. The closest they came was double coins on the Order Board a week or so back. Coins I don't need. Filling hundreds of heli-helps gave me those.

    For tips that get your experience points moving in the right direction, when I run some boosts, I have enough purple-star experience boosts to run a second one of those after the timer's finished to capture what I have left in slots that got in under the 3-min frenzy but haven't been made by the time the original 3 boosts (timer, crafting, experience points) been used. I've bought 5 slots in most of the Workshops so I have that extra 15 min of making after the timer stops.

    For high-value crops, I'll use a 2nd yellow star crafting boost (if I have it -I have LOADS of the purple star boosts, lots of yellow star and a dearth of timers) to capture another 44 x either 31 (bell peppers) or 22 (ginger), but now that I'm in the low 40s, maybe I'll start adding the crop EP at the end too. I have enough of them... sigh...

    Good luck

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