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Cruise Ship's Bonus

PassionPassion Member Posts: 78 Flirting with Flamingos

I'm a tad confused on the bonus of the cruise ship, you have to reach 36000 coins for example (a group thing) but few steps up you get 2 keys then further up you get 5 gems and nearly to the top you get a boost bottle, so is it everyone in the group that gets a boost bottle each or is it the 1st person out of your group that reaches to that number that gets the boost bottle?

Also you get some kind of workshop when you reach the bonus top coins now I did see that appear when I logged on but where do I go to get that workshop from?

Please help I'm confused ;)

"Life doesn’t require that we be the best, only that we try our best."


  • MonikaLanierMonikaLanier Member Posts: 90 Seashell Collector
    I have the same exact questions.
  • dodgegirldodgegirl Member Posts: 28 Coconut Collector
    My question is why don’t my club have new cruise ship. It’s say 0secs and has for several days now.
  • PassionPassion Member Posts: 78 Flirting with Flamingos

    Reading it all again I believe it is a boost bottle each and you have to wait for the cruise ship to depart before getting the stuff I HOPE lol.

    Sorry to hear you haven't got, once you reach your team goal on the cruise ship it's like waiting 4 days for it to depart for your bonus stuff!
    You can carry on with stuff for guest but it takes a lot for lack of xp or money depending on what vistor you go to.
    Since doing cruise ship I've not had many boat orders, boat orders gives more Xp and coins ;)

    "Life doesn’t require that we be the best, only that we try our best."

  • dodgegirldodgegirl Member Posts: 28 Coconut Collector
    Thanks, I hope we get it soon members are asking daily about it.
  • PassionPassion Member Posts: 78 Flirting with Flamingos

    Well for over a day now it's been saying cruise ship back in zero seconds
    No cruise ship
    Though the boost bottle was good ;)
    So in the same boat as you, excuse the pun ;)

    "Life doesn’t require that we be the best, only that we try our best."

  • Ladyluci1949Ladyluci1949 Member Posts: 4 Tropical Tourist

    Where do we craft the special items needed for the cruise ship?

  • caryltcarylt Member Posts: 93 Seashell Collector
    cruise ship items are crafted at workshops... currently it wants naked sushi. you just use regular raw materials and make a. gazillio because they all want it... (a long with other stuff like pineapple smoothlys) it's easier when whole club helps out;
  • mrsfittsmrsfitts Member Posts: 131 Starfish
    edited November 17

    The nudist cruise items are found in the first slot (head of the list) at the Artisan, Sushi & Bakery craft buildings. These items are huge resource hogs, lots of mill-crafted items needed, as well as eggs & crabs.

    But you only have to fill orders, 5 each team member, and get to the group Beach Club Goal.

    We're 3x that goal already and one of our players is over the ocean and was sleeping while me & 1 other (only 3 in our club) were crafting. They are at work now, but can craft while me & the other team mate sleep. Also some items are requested that aren't from the 3 special crafts, like marine cages, bananas, limes... just like Kate's order board.

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