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500 gems gone like THAT

MarishaMarisha Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist

I had 971 gems when I opened up this game this afternoon and NOW I have only 471.I am here by myself so I know I didn’t do it.Please help, or it is sailing away from this island I”LLP be



  • jamesceballosjamesceballos Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist

    i want many gem

  • tropicheaven1tropicheaven1 Posts: 2Member Tropical Tourist
    I ordered the 2.99 package and it said my payment didn't go through so I got nothing then I see that 3.19 was charged to my bank account. I requested the money be put back in my account and git no response
  • cowboytrickscowboytricks Posts: 37Member Beachcomber

    Sorry to here about your gems.. twice I spent my gem by accident... both times the same way... when I was unloading crafted workshops I clicked really fast but the expansion window came up and the gem confirmation button is in the same place, next thing I know I just use most my gems by mistake:( I wonder if that’s what happened to you ?

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