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A twist on the 100k-ers (at start of tourney)

mrsfittsmrsfitts Member Posts: 320 Spelunker

This week I'm vying for Ruby I, it took 4 weeks to get to Ruby II, weeks where I was so far down, it was a fight not to get demoted. But this week (Thursday at noon PDST) the first place guy had 109k at the start. I had 28k. Well, I guess enough people are really irked at the unevenness of the tournaments (level 35 vs level 55) that they just gave this one a pass. I have remained in 2nd place despite not using boosts and massive buying and selling. So this worked out in my favor this week. Next week when I go for diamond??? Probably not.
BTW, the person that has 127k points, I checked out their island, they're definite money spenders (good for us because that keeps Zynga giving us this cool game) and it looks like they came by all their points by having lots & lots of everything (a forest of trees, a field of geodes, lots of buildings on lots of cleared land)
So this weekend I can get some sleep... I can't say the same thing about the next few weekends.

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