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Weird graphics and forced FB login after upgrade

EmmaSurfEmmaSurf Posts: 2Member Tropical Tourist
I played about a week or so with no problems, created a club, people joined etc. I did NOT connect with Google play or Facebook. If not fact, the only reason I started playing was because I could play WITHOUT Facebook. Otherwise I'd stay with HayDay. Members could chat, send
guest, etc. After update, I kept getting Facebook sign in when I tried to go to club, chat, even world market! So i let it go to link to facebook, edited to NOT share my friend list, and then I could go to the club area.

However, I was NOT signed into FB, and it never asked me what FB account to use, etc. The club screen had the members shop , no superimposed on the chat, so it was unreadable. I could go to the tabs on left ando they were readable, but this continued even after reetarting.

I followed instructions to disconnect from FB in settings and reconnect. When I do it says it's already linked to another account. So I no idea FB I'm linked to, nor how to remove it (even if I uninstall game that won't break the link).

When I click on help it goes to Amazonaws web address. So my confidence is low that there is any security any more with zynga. Data scraping FB is bad, but now I don't even know whose data they are scraping. The quality of the game is subpar, but I'd live with that to protect my real friends from having their info accessed. And while I'm sure there are some legitimate businesses on amazonaws, 99pc of popupz, redirect etc of shady nature Ive experienced recently originate from amazonaws. IMHO that service is like a burner phone and I don't know why an established development company would choose to use it rather then host their own.


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