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Zombie Sleepover!

SilverSandSilverSand Posts: 114Community Moderator Community Moderator
edited October 2017 in FAQs & Game Guides

In yet another diabolical plan, Baron Samedi is using his witchcraft to summon zombies all over the island to scare away all your guests.

You must build a Halloween-themed graveyard to put all the zombies back to rest.

If you are at least Level 9, you'll be called upon to fight against Baron Samedi's evil plans of conquering the island.

Win the fight against the evil Baron by crafting Collection Items at the Survival Raft or use Rusted Shovels to defeat and transport zombies back to the graveyard.

Send Guides and Guests to different Landmarks to look for Rusted Metal needed to make Rusted Shovels.

Finish all stages on or before November 6, 2017 to win an exclusive time with Jack Penguington, who will stay at your island for the next 30 days!

Enjoy the fight against evil with your friends by sending them Treat Bags! Reach each Trick Bag milestone to unlock amazing prizes!

Temporary Island Guide: DK, the friendly zombie!
You have the option to hire DK as a temporary Guide to help you out during the “Zombie Sleepover” Event. He’ll give you a higher chance of finding rare event ingredients at the landmarks. Please be aware that he is temporary, and will leave your island once the event is over.

Zombie Sleepover Collection and Crafting Items:

Stage 1: Survival Mode
• Leather Jackets
• Bone Traps
• Zombie Traps

Stage 2: Haunted Garden
• Dead Grass
• Spooky Flowers
• Iron Fences

Stage 3: Spooky Decor
• Bats
• Pumpkins
• Tombstones

Stage 4: Eternal Rest Spell
• Calmed Spirits
• Cobwebs
• Enchanted Coffins

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