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How do you opt out of the weekly tournament?

lebriggslebriggs Member Posts: 3 Tropical Tourist

Sometimes I'm too busy to play, but don't want to lose my standing. Seems like it enters me no matter. Thanks.



  • FoxbelleFoxbelle Member Posts: 74 Flirting with Flamingos

    You can not opt out of weekly sorry, you will just loose your ranking. It has no way to take you out of the competition .

  • mrsfittsmrsfitts Member Posts: 320 Spelunker

    While it's true you can't opt out, and if you have status (not all do-some never got the bronze pineapple, they compete among themselves and have lower prizes for 1st place than the ones that have status) the bottom of gold & up can be demoted, look at it this way, if you were high enough to be demoted, you could get gifts if you're in the top that gets promoted the next time you play seriously and are in the top. You get no special gifts for 4th- 12th places on gold & ruby.

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