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We pay for problems I think

whoowhoo Member Posts: 3 Tropical Tourist

The chat for clubs give not always the same as the reality, we can't go to other players without start the game again ( I have to restart the game more than 10 times a day when I'm at home). My wife play also the game, longer than me, but on the button right below, the 3 heads, she has all the time 3 tabs, I have 4. She can't ask friends! When I play longer than 5 min.... I will help with others heli, it doesn't work, restart again. Can't scroll the contest! When players in the club ask for heli-hulp, it won't come in the chat! also not when I restart the game! I pay for the gems, but I want play without problems. I have send a few months ago a mail about the problem with the pages (friends, tab) for my wife, but now it is still the same. I am setting up a new club and after 3 members I was downgraded, no more leader in my club? Why and how work's it?


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