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Charged for something i didn't buy

Linda68Linda68 Posts: 3Member Tropical Tourist
Charged for gems didn't buy or get was looking at them but closed when got a message from you. Will take them sence already took from bank 140 for $4.99 Thank you


  • CarolynUriadCarolynUriad Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist
    I have been charged more than once for items I never purchased my most resent was 19.98 dollars for a 9.99 purchase this is at least the fourth time it has happened only the others were for 4.99 and I was charged twice for them as well
    If I'm going to be charged I should get the product or a refund. If it continues to happen I will delete the game. People should check their records cause I'm probably not the only one it is happening too.
  • ThuffThuff Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist
    I also have been charged over $100+ ! Was this taken care of?
  • SeasideGetawaySeasideGetaway Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist
    I was charged twice the price for gems. I purchased 75 gems for $2.99. It then asked if I wanted a second pack. I didn’t confirm the second purchase, so I did not receive the additional gems but I was charged for them.
  • LECLEC Posts: 4Member Tropical Tourist

    My issue is similar but more taking gems that I did not want to spend! Three times on cruise as I was scrolling to look at visitors Game took 20 gems for additional slot I did not want and can certainly have used those 60 gems for other things I actually needed. :(. would like them back please!

  • mr_flibblemr_flibble Posts: 50Member Pineapple Purist

    LEC.... go into game settings and make sure you got a tick in Gem Confirmation box
    I was hitting buttons and accidentally using gems. Gem Confirmation requires you to press, then press again to fully confirm you want to use them

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