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Talk like a Pirate!

SilverSandSilverSand Posts: 114Community Moderator Community Moderator
edited September 2017 in FAQs & Game Guides

Everyone’s favorite Pirate is back for a limited time only! This time, Francois the Love Pirate is showing off his language skills, mixing the languages of love and pirates. Are you ready?

If you are at least Level 10, you will see a pop-up inviting you to the Talk like a Pirate day! You will need to force close the game to see the update, which means to clear it from your mobile device's memory. You may even need to reboot your device.


Talk like a Pirate 1 of 8

Bonjour! Ahoy, my sweet island nymphs! I know you missed Francois. I have returned to celebrate this Talk Like a Pirate Day with you!

  • Get Coconuts
  • Craft Pina Coladas
  • Craft Daiquiris
    Reward: 2 Seashells

Talk like a Pirate 2 of 8

Francois could drink all of you under the table, but how would we all fit?! Let this stunning seadog treat you to dinner!

  • Get Fish
  • Craft Grilled Crab
  • Get Limes

Reward: 500 Coins

Talk like a Pirate 3 of 8

All pirates are close with the sea. I hear her whispering sweet nothings in my ear even now!

  • Explore Coral Reef
  • Collect from Dolphins
  • Get Seashells
    Reward: 1 Shovel

Talk like a Pirate 4 of 8

Francois is not some son of a biscuit eater with ripped garb! Where can a beautiful man buy a new tunic around here?

  • Get Pirate Patch
  • Get Red Thread
  • Craft Scented Soap
    Reward: 1 Rope

Talk like a Pirate 5 of 8

Francois tastes of the sea which is standard for a pirate but quite itchy!

  • Craft Perfume
  • Craft Coconut Oil
  • Craft Sugar Scrub
    Reward: 1000 Coins

Talk like a Pirate 6 of 8

Kate, Maya, and my lovely Chloe, you all are magnificent, but the lovely guests of this resort are calling to me!

  • Fill Guest Orders
  • Gather from Mango Trees
  • Harvest from Orchids
    Reward: 1 Survival Kit

Talk like a Pirate 7 of 8

Francois is famished and needs sustenance to keep teaching the good word of the pirates.

  • Get Eggs
  • Craft Pineapple Smoothies
  • Craft Crab Bites
    Reward: 2 Treasure Keys

Talk like a Pirate 8 of 8

Let's end this pirate adventure with a bang! A sparkly finale for all my admirers!

  • Craft Egg Rolls
  • Get Gold Dust
  • Open Treasure Chests from Sunken Temple
    Reward: Pirate Sailboat

By the way, Francois the Love Pirate will only be staying on your island until September 22, 2:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time so make sure to maximize your time with him!

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