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Leaderboard Events should give Permenent guest or helper as prize!

CincyLadyGalCincyLadyGal Member Posts: 361 Geode Collector

@Princess in Pink @ArcticF0xx

Don't you think that just like in FV2CE, that since it's so hard to win a leader board event, that we should get a guest or helper that stays?

I mean it's so hard to win a leader board event as it is, but it's kind of like insult to injury when the prize given goes poof after 30 or 45 days.

There are not enough helpers as it is even when you rent helpers with gems.

Don't you think that Zynga should be giving us an extra helper if not for leader board events, then as we reach certain levels in the game?

Also, it sucks that to make event items, I lose the ability to get points for the weekly resort rating as well!



  • coljoycoljoy Member Posts: 1 Tropical Tourist

    I agree the event expenditures of time and effort etc far outweigh the rewards. The helpers won should be permanent. As is some of the game play is also out balanced with the reward such as all the work and expense used at the habitats. If only using coin for animal treats we always spend more than what we get back as reward if all three photo goals are completed and it's the same if we use sand dollars for treats. If you logically compare the expense to what the end reward is to a fair bit of the game play it's not worth taking part in these aspects of the game. The whole point of players wanting to achieve goals is to get ahead and NOT lose more than they receive as reward when goals are completed.

  • aussiegilzaussiegilz Member Posts: 19 Wave Watcher
    edited August 2017

    I haven't been playing TE long enough to know how things work in this game. That said I HATE that the only way to get permanent farmhands on CE is to win the leaderboard and I would hate for that to carry over to this game as well. Do the events in this game give permanent farm hands and if so what type of events have they come in? Wouldn't it be better if they didn't all come from the one type of game - rather have them spread out randomly? Agreed tho that leaderboards are resource heavy being a newb in this game I have barely bothered looking at mine. With that same thought in mind - maybe it would be better to put the permanent farm hands in events were there are more opportunities to win them then just the top 5 and leave the temporary hands in the ones that most people will skip anyway? IDK like I said new at this game - but thinking with the experience of many years on CE.

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