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Beach Club Boosts FAQs

LexaTheKatsumiBabyLexaTheKatsumiBaby Posts: 154Community Moderator Community Moderator

Why can’t I earn Boosts and help my Club?

While you can join a Beach Club and enjoy the Boosts your co-members activate, you need to bring your Island to level 17 to be able to earn Boosts on your own.

Why can't I use Boosts in my current Beach Club but was able to use it in my previous one?

We are currently extending the number of Beach Clubs that can activate Boosts on their Islands so, if you choose to change Beach Clubs, you might join one that isn’t part of the feature yet.

Why is the Boosts feature only available to some players?

The Beach Club Boosts is a very impactful feature as it touches almost every aspect of our game. Because of this impact, we are making it available little by little so we can be sure that it is working smoothly and that it is improving everyone’s (and their Club's) game experience.

Why are the Boosts I won/bought no longer in my inventory?

The Beach Club Boosts are visible in your inventory only when you are part of a Beach Club. I assure you your Boosts are not missing, just invisible so they do not take unnecessary space in your Boathouse. As soon as you join another Beach Club, the Boosts will automatically become visible again.

Why did I lose the Boost I activated at the same time with another member of my Beach Club?

In order to activate a Boost of the same type as the currently active one, there is a confirmation pop up that needs to be accepted. Once this is done, the timer of the first Boost is then extended to its original maximum as Boosts do not stack.

Why didn't my Boost multiply?

Beach Club Boosts do not multiply. If you choose to activate a Boost equal to one currently active, this will extend the life of the existing Boost to its original maximum.

Why can’t I use Boosts when I am not online?

As this feature impacts the game play of your entire Beach Club, it is required that you are online to be a part of it.

Why aren’t more Boosts appearing as rewards?

Beach Club Boosts are very rare items as they have a very significant impact not only on your game but also to your entire Beach Club. They exist as rewards in several places in game – Daily Quest, Wildlife Center and Quests – and they can also be purchased with Coins and Gems

Why are the best Boosts only obtainable with real money?

Beach Club Boosts can both be bought and earned. If you do not want to use Gems to purchase them, you can use Coins or you can earn Beach Club Boosts by playing Daily Quests, completing requests on the Wildlife Center, for instance.

Why can’t Boosts be paused?

Beach Club Boosts are short term but very impactful and can be significant to various members of your Beach Club. As they run in real time, we can’t make it possible for one or several players to pause the Boost, while it still runs for other Beach Club members.

Why is the Boost I bought with Gems can now only be sold for Coins?

If your main reason for selling the Beach Club Boost is storage space, please note that as soon as you leave a Beach Club, the Boosts become invisible. You also can keep your Boosts as long as you want to, you don’t need to sell them for coins. Please note that the coin value we suggest per Boost type is calibrated to the type and rarity of the Boost you are trying to sell.

What does this message "an error occurred while activating your boost. Please try again later.” and I lost my boost! " mean?

This message means that, as there was a breakdown in the communication between your game and our servers, to protect your Boost, it was returned to your Boathouse.

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