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Why is every new item so ...... expensive???

bearikebearike Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist

I loved Tropic Escape initially, but I am losing interest. It is so incredibly slow to progress. Every new item is so insanely expensive! Took me two weeks to collect enough money to bug an avocado tree for 85 000. And I am in hikidays so have time to play. The new extension costs 200 000 the glass workshop probably 100 000. How am I going to collect so much money? And the guests orders pay ridiculously low. Like I had an order for 2 gold bars and 4 other items and it would have paid 525. It takes 500 to make 1 gold bar. And 3 hours. This is ridiculous! Buying coins with real money is also out of question. That us also insaneky expensive. Like buying the glass workshop would cost 200 real dollars. Are you real? That is a ripoff. No wonder players keep disappearing, there is hardly anyboday active in my coop. You have to make items cheaper, or more rewards for selling stuuf and completing tasks, and definitely less pricey to buy coins for real cash.


  • judikayjudikay Posts: 15Member Wave Watcher
    I agree! I unlocked the old mill ($20k), jewele($15k?), coco tree ($15k), um. The costume shop? What's that? Some hats & a pink Lei for like $20k or more? Plus the nature center takes 13 DAYS to unlock unless you have 300 gems??? This is stupid!
  • McWomble64McWomble64 Posts: 34Member Dances with Dolphins
    edited July 17

    I'm lvl 36, getting close to lvl 37. I have saved up half a mil in credits ready for the next purchase. No real money spent on this or any iPad game played. Patience is required to come out on top, although Zynga is making it very hard to play the game for free with the reduction of free gems it gives out now ( makes you want to spend money ) but I'm in no hurry to finish the game, and it's going to take a lot longer to finish now.

    Forgot to say, you'll earn more money selling to other players than filling the order board.

  • BoopedooBoopedoo Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist

    I agree you cannot keep up with all the new items on each level because unless you send a lot of money you cannot get anything . You don't enough money comparable to the cost.

  • vlsm1020vlsm1020 Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist
    Need to lower prices of stuff we have to buy. Really like the game but takes too long to aquire enough needed.
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