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Buying Craft Boost W/Gems

cbrantnercbrantner Member Posts: 9 Beach Bum

Not sure how this works. States that you get a double point craft boost for 15 minutes. Does this mean everything you begin in 15 minutes or everything you complete? Very few items are done in less than 15 minutes. Anyone try this??

Best Answers

  • hopper77hopper77 Member Posts: 287 Friend of Zemi
    Accepted Answer
    @cbrantner , the best thing to do in regard to this is pre make alot of items that take a long time to make. Fill all of your slots up on every machine. Then let's say u do this before you go to sleep at night. The next morning purchase the craft boost first thing when u log in. Make sure u do this before you start clicking and collecting your finished items. The craft boost will double the points of all of the finished items ready to be collected and it will help u advance hour resort points faster. Hope this made sense.
  • cbrantnercbrantner Member Posts: 9 Beach Bum
    Accepted Answer


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