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Shayde and the just finished contest.

grammiemartigrammiemarti Member Posts: 2 Tropical Tourist

I noticed that as the game got towards end of contest that crates had non significant items and the silver things to open them became very hard to find. If I had not spent a lot of my bucks on items, I never would have finished. Was very unfortunate that Zynga feels a need to cheat players. I will not invest so much time, effort and bucks in an event again. You lost Zynga. And, what is really sad? All was for naught. I have Shayde for the month. Notice very little difference in rewards from using her. In fact, it's as if she isn't even there. Did anyone else notice how difficult it became to acquire the crowbars and how infrequently the crates popped up towards the end after spending so much time working diligently for a nice reward? I would have been way behind were it not for the cash I chose to cough up. Was anyone else as disappointed as I was in Zyngas lack of fair play? I certainly was. Find it very disheartening and am thinking of discontinuing any further play of anything Zynga related


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