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Negative Feedback: Prize Wheel Rewards

michellepreciousmichelleprecious Member Posts: 98 Seashell Collector
edited June 4 in Feedback & Suggestions

The wheel needs fixed! I be tried it 3 times now! I'm only getting 1 gem for 8 spins! That's ridiculous. There should be nothing but gems in the spin! I get 1 fish, 1 mango. Ect...... At least with the telescope we were gaurenteed gems with every video! You need to put all gems in the spin! You are making it so we have no way of getting gems at all! We need incentive to keep playing and make this game fun! As of now there's no way to get gems anymore unless you pay cash! Or maybe that's what your trying to do



  • kittycattykittycatty Member Posts: 2 Tropical Tourist

    My telescope rusted and fell apart many months ago. I hope this new wheel thing works for me!!

  • TkikiTkiki Member Posts: 347 Spelunker

    Just got the prize wheel! Awesome job! Love it!

  • pelicangirlpelicangirl Member Posts: 25 Coconut Collector

    I am having a hard time getting videos to load off the prize wheel. I had to reopen the app at least 20 times just to get 8 spins. (Yes, I started counting after several failures). Adding insult to injury, I only got 1 gem for all that work. And 1 fish as a prize - really? Today I'm trying again. So far it has crashed and I've had to reopen 5 times. I haven't been able to actually spin at all. And yes - I did shut down, and yes - my game is updated.

  • april2204april2204 Member Posts: 1 Tropical Tourist

    I don t have the spinnig wheel on my island. Where is it?

  • TkikiTkiki Member Posts: 347 Spelunker

    My prize wheel disappeared!

  • DawnShaverDawnShaver Member Posts: 2 Tropical Tourist
    I do not like the new wheel! I'll take back the telescope any day!! The prizes are terrible, lucky if you can get any gemsusually a piece of wheat or clay after watching videos!! And to make it worse, it's constantly disappearing and not letting me watch all the videos allowed and does not reset when time is due!!! Definitely needs work!
  • sharlou58sharlou58 Member Posts: 3 Tropical Tourist
    My prize wheel is gone? How many times a day can you spin. I used it 24 hours ago. It has not come back.
  • MokakityMokakity Member Posts: 1 Tropical Tourist
    I agree with everything said. Spinning the wheel sucks! But hey...I did get a coconut. Like I need another one! Come on can't let us win gems anymore? You might as well not even put them on the wheel because it doesn't land on them anyway.
  • hideawayinnhideawayinn Member Posts: 1 Tropical Tourist
    Hate this wheel. The only prizes I get are sugar cane and hungs I get regularly. I need gems. If you step going to keep it then we should have some way of collecting gems, even if you earn one ever so many days.
  • McWomble64McWomble64 Member Posts: 55 Pineapple Purist

    Today's list of winnings off the wheel....
    Avocado x2
    Sea glass

    I sell anchors, i get $ from selling stuff (anchors) , it's takes just one minute to get a fish!, avocado come off my tree and I get a million sunshine / day ;) that I can get as much avocado as I need! and sea glass is just as easy. The only thing I didn't get today is a gem, not even one!!! So now I'm 9 gems short of what I would have had after two days to use compared to the telescope!!

    Paradise bay is calling again with gems at the giving tree, gems in chests, gems from watching videos, gems from filling boat orders, I currently have in excess of 700 that I use when and where I need to.

    Boom beach I have over 4000 gems
    Clash of clans is over 4000 gems

    Currently I have only 21 gems in Tropic Escape! And they will dwindle fast if I use any to expand mill slots or use any for the weekly tournament.

    Halve the **** and double the gems on the wheel to keep people interested in wanting to play the game.

  • HappyResortHappyResort Member Posts: 47 Bungalow Guest

    The problem is they want more money now. If we get gems for free we will not buy them. They know we need gems for expanding workshops and the mermaid for the items we rarely get now at landmarks.. That is why some people never got the telescope before after they paid for gems. The game costs money to make and run someone has to pay for it. Same with the new crystal cavern never gives out gems.

  • Monica_Vilardi0304Monica_Vilardi0304 Member Posts: 3 Tropical Tourist
    My wheel dissapeared. Not getting expansion parts. Not getting any items needed from land marks for the event. Cant watch videos or spin wheel
  • Latin_mama65Latin_mama65 Member Posts: 14 Caribbean Cruiser

    Seriously you have to wait 16 hours to watch more videos?

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