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Join our Beach Club - May 2017

Princess in PinkPrincess in Pink Posts: 935Community Moderator Community Moderator

Promote your Beach Clubs here, Tropic Hosts! Make sure to provide the needed information below so that it will be easier for other players to decide which Club to join.

  • Beach Club XP
  • Number of Guests shared by your members in the last week
  • Current Number of Members

Thank you!


  • Lifes_a_BeachLifes_a_Beach Posts: 13Member Caribbean Cruiser
    Looking for active daily players who live breathe and sleep in Farmville tropical escape like we do!!! Must be chatty, active, helpful, and respectful. Level 30+, English speaking, USA and Canada preferred.

    Our club only has three openings...We will leave club open today so u can check it out!

    We help each other with orders, leveling, upgrades, and clearing your land. In return we expect you to be helpful too! Come join the family at Life's a Beach.
  • Momof3hoodlumsMomof3hoodlums Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist
    edited May 2017
    Brand new club. All levels 5 and above are welcome. Looking for active members who will send guests and help out with supplies. English speaking only. Clean chat. Currently only have 2 members but we are both active and share guests as soon as they are requested. Thanks!
  • Paradis_Spa10Paradis_Spa10 Posts: 17Member Wave Watcher
    Hi everybody
    I recently opened a new club and i'm looking for new members - lv 30 or higher, English speaking nice ppl (hi/ty/plz a must), playing, sharing, sending sunshines, chatting, preferably from Europe....
    Hope to see you soon
    "Paradis Spa"
  • kezkez Posts: 14Member Caribbean Cruiser
    Hi there gamers..
    We are recruiting level 21 and upwards at ☆sparkling hope☆
    We have already sent out 100 guests this week with our 10 extremely helpful club members.
    So far our club xp stands at 316 ☺
    We have very little rules here at ☆sparkling hope☆
    Be nice, play fair and help where you can.. likewise you will receive all the help you need to progress in the game.
    We are a chatty friendly bunch from worldwide so usually there is someone online.
    Please use your fb pic so we know who we are talking with, when this game acts up !
    Say hi when you come online.. there's no fun in being a solo player, so come join us on the link below to play
    Best wishes
    Kez (leader)

    I'm building my own dream island, and need a little help from my friends! #FVTropicEscape
  • gunnersmommy05gunnersmommy05 Posts: 5Member Beach Bum
    Made a new club players 20 and up check it out

    Chill and relax inn
  • gunnersmommy05gunnersmommy05 Posts: 5Member Beach Bum
    Chill and relax inn looking for new members 20 and up
  • AbbyDAbbyD Posts: 17Member Wave Watcher
    We have a newly formed club of daily players. We are not new players however. We left our old club for lack of participation. We love to chat and play daily. We are looking for players that enjoy the same. We are an English only speaking club. We also have players from different parts of the world so someone is playing at all hours. The higher levels are done with land expansion so we are willing to help lower levels to expand land by sending saved land parts to whoever needs the help. We are also trying to increase our XP rank so the higher your level the better. But you need to be at least level 25. You will need permission to join. Sorry about that. We learned the hard way that an open club is not a good idea. Things got a little crazy and scary on the first day. Yikes! Lol
    Stop by and try us out and see what you think. No hard feelings if you don't think we're a good fit and you decide to leave. :)

    And btw... you don't have to have a pic in order to join us. We realize the world does not revolve around Facebook!!

    Our club is Alegria Beach Club. We look forward to seeing you! B)
  • DcrowtDcrowt Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist

    I'm looking for a club. The one I joined when I first started playing is full of people who started when I did and either stopped playing, or don't chat and rarely help. I play one other game and I'm used to being in a chatty group that loves to help when they can. I usually play morning and night (before and after work) but I am only level 23.

  • LadybyrdbellLadybyrdbell Posts: 3Member Tropical Tourist
    edited May 2017
    *Sandcastle Cove*
    We have been playing together for over six months and decided to create our own club. We are looking to recruit new players.
    I am Crystal Beach ..the moderator at Sandcastle Cove. If you play regularly, are at a minimum level of 5, polite and helpful, then we'd love to meet you!
    Search "Sandcastle Cove".
  • Seaside_Inn1Seaside_Inn1 Posts: 15Member Wave Watcher
    Hello everyone... looking for new members to join Angela's beach club. Looking for people who enjoy daily play and helping others grow their island paradise. Looking for players level 25 and above. Chatting helping and sharing to achieve our goals together. You can message me for more info if you like.
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