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Flooding Issue

ArcticF0xxArcticF0xx Community Manager Posts: 86 Community Manager
edited May 17 in Bugs & Issues

We’re sorry about the global warming flooding that’s occurring on some of the islands. Help is on the way! We have recruited a team of skilled scientists to assist with resolving this issue.

If you’re experiencing the flooding, we kindly ask you to please complete this form. We’ve also narrowed the issue down and believe it’s only affecting Android devices. If you’re experiencing this on iOS, please let us know.


  • WormregenWormregen Member Posts: 4 Tropical Tourist
    edited May 21

    The problem still hasn't been resolved,i filled the form ,it's a bit annoying because some landmarks are invisible with all that water on my screen.
    This is how my island still looks like..

  • loveinn_2016loveinn_2016 Member Posts: 8 Beach Bum

    Compleated the form a month ago, still waiting and now I can't access help **** **** people getting over this game.can't access my animal even though I won the tournament. :-(

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