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Game Freezes When Watching Progressive Video Ad

villacostalottavillacostalotta Posts: 17Member Wave Watcher
edited March 22 in Bugs & Issues

Can't watch video's keep's coming up something about rotate your device. I have tried everything, even turned my iPad on and back on. Nothing work's
HELP please !!!!!!!!


  • phamtonphamton Posts: 490Member Smoothie Sipper
    edited March 21

    That is the ad for Geico insurance. You play Tropic Escape with your iPad so that the long side is horizontal. For that ad you need to turn the iPad so the long side of your iPad is vertical.
    Your iPad is usually held like a movie screen. You need to turn it so the screen is like a legal document or a letter.

  • OlygraceOlygrace Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist
    edited March 21
    Unable to get any of diamonds due to insurance game ad keeps freezing my game
  • soooo1077soooo1077 Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist

    When i try to watch videos to collect gems i am told to have my device in landscape mode. My device is in landscape mode but the videos will not play.

  • klrayklray Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist

    Its the progressive video with flo playing scrabble. It plays the video, froze my tablet and I restarted the tablet, now wont let me collect the gems. Shows the video then goes off with no way to collect.

  • KasvanceKasvance Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist
    I keep getting the progressive word game over & over, no diamonds & it locks my game .... I have updated & am on the most recent version
  • nananan3nananan3 Posts: 27Member Coconut Collector
    I'm also not receiving gems for watching videos...worked fine until this morning...i get the progressive insurance video over and over but not receiving gems...i am on the most current version, have been since last I said, worked fine until this morning....please fix...i count on those gems..especially at level 43....
  • phamtonphamton Posts: 490Member Smoothie Sipper

    I realized today that the ad is Progressive Insurance not Geico insurance. But you need to rotate your iPad for that ad.

  • JespoJespo Posts: 7Member Beach Bum

    When I go to watch video to earn gems, it never loads and then an error message come us about video best viewed in portrait. Even when I rotate device still nothing

  • Timmiesgal66Timmiesgal66 Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist

    I keep having to watch the progressive video but I never get any gems no other videos available watched it like a dozen times in 2 days no gems

  • egbaregbar Posts: 0Member Daydreamer
    Lately I have been getting the same video from Progressive. You can't go past it and I don't want to sign in to anything. It sucks!
  • CrazyHayLadyCrazyHayLady Posts: 969Member Frog Kisser

    Did you turn your device when it says landscape mode detected? After i turn my device, video plays and Gem is awarded.


    Loving the newest update!!
  • Caro_KayakCaro_Kayak Posts: 264Member Island Enthusiast

    I had that for the first time today
    Rotated to portait 5 times and got my free gems ...
    Sorry it didn't work for you ....

  • Caro_KayakCaro_Kayak Posts: 264Member Island Enthusiast

    Landscape to portrait ...
    Had it for the first time today but still managed to get my free gems :)

  • haroldharold Posts: 3Member Tropical Tourist

    2 days worth of videos and no gems + the progressive insurance video wants you to turn sideways or it wont play and after you do the game seizes up

  • phamtonphamton Posts: 490Member Smoothie Sipper

    @Caro_Kayak said:
    Landscape to portrait ...

    Thanks, I couldn't remember what you called it when you turn your tablet or iPad around.

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