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Waiting time to access workshops

TkikiTkiki Posts: 145Member Reef Diver

A suggestion would be removing that waiting time to access the workshop once purchased.

Right now the process is very long, and I think a little unfair.
Ok, you work very hard to upgrade to next level, and once you're there, you purchase it at extreme cost ex: 250,000 coins for the Kettle, which take a couple of days to raise, then you find out you have to wait 5 days and 8 hrs before you can use it.

On top of that, the order board comes up with orders containing items you make with the inaccessible workshop during the waiting period time.

Simple suggestion: the waiting time before using a workshop should be waived, we shouldn't have to wait.

I might also suggest, that it would really help to know in advance the price of those workshop by displaying it in the store.

Happy coding!

Ps thanks for a great game!


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