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Beach buddies limit

Caro_KayakCaro_Kayak Posts: 266Member Island Enthusiast

Please could @Foo_Fighter or @Princess in Pink please clarify how many beach buddies we are allowed to have in TE.
There has been much discussion on FB forums with players having 300 buddies forced to cut their friends down to 23!
I am assuming if you have CE friends maybe you need to have a different FB friends account for TE?
What about the 'add a buddy' feature being rolled in ... what is our max buddy limit?



  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 469 Smoothie Sipper

    Hello, @Caro_Kayak! The Social Center is a complex feature which is slowly being rolled out. For more information about this, please check the article here. Thanks!

  • Caro_KayakCaro_Kayak Posts: 266Member Island Enthusiast

    Thanks for info @Foo_Fighter however my question still remains
    Is there a limit to the number of beach buddies you can have?

  • Tink862Tink862 Posts: 477Member Smoothie Sipper
    I checked the info article as well but it doesn't address any of the questions I have either. The link doesn't allow you to forward a question just preselected feedback categories. :neutral:
  • OksanaOksana Posts: 26Member Coconut Collector

    I faced the same problem. I have 300 friends who play with me in the game. Before the update was all right. Friends were in the social center and in the store. Now my game has crashed - in the social center I was left 23 people ?! In the store, too, were they only? All the other players I can not see anywhere. They only send me a ray of sunshine. However, in my beach club one player in the social center has 114 friends, the other has 94. I have repeatedly appealed in support of a request to correct the situation and add friends to the store. But there is a blank wall. They answer about everything, but not a word about the real problem. Today I carefully studied the game guide on the support site. There clearly written in the "Friends" tab are all your friends !!!!
    here is the link:


    It clearly says "ALL your friends." There is not a word about the limit of friends !!!!
    Today again I wrote in support. With such updates - we are like at war !!! I have not been able to get a sensible answer from support for a week already - they answer anything, but not a word about the problem. My game has become empty, I can not buy anything from my friends. I can not help anyone I would like to. Update is not good !!!!

  • Tink862Tink862 Posts: 477Member Smoothie Sipper
    edited March 2017
    Mine was like that until I went into my phone settings and scrolled down till I found the tropic app under settings and logged out of Facebook from there and then logged back into fb from there. Went back into the game through the actual app icon and waaaalaaaa all was good. Was able to buy/sell and send as usual. Now grant it I don't have 300 plus friends but none the less it fixed the problem for me. Sorry @Caro_Kayak didn't mean to highjack your thread.
  • Caro_KayakCaro_Kayak Posts: 266Member Island Enthusiast

    No worries @Tink862 just wanted this topic out in the forum for discussion and comments :)

  • Tink862Tink862 Posts: 477Member Smoothie Sipper
    edited March 2017
    I hear ya @Caro_Kayak my question to them is if they are not answering the question as to how many actual beach buddies one can have what kind of safeguards are they putting in place so that one can't just simply be loaded into someone's beach buddies list where they then can hack their buddie list with some sort of boat stripping bot so to speak. I keep my circle small for a reason ya know. Not to mention let's say you agree to be a beach buddie and they get greedy and you want a divorce. How do you get rid of them? It's not like unfriending them on fb. I'm like you I don't want speculation I want an actual answer from the Zynga gods. :smile: :wink:
  • Namaof2Namaof2 Posts: 23Member Island Bound

    I feel the same way...zynga offers all these incentives to invite people but they don't tell you then that no more than 23. If I had known that I would not have bothered to send out the amount of invites I did. I got well over 100 people to play. This game just gets worse and worse. I can't send or rec. Sunshine, visit friends, use the trade boat!

  • PearlPearl Posts: 4Member Tropical Tourist

    Added a few more friend requests and all my original friends vanished. What up with that?

  • Caro_KayakCaro_Kayak Posts: 266Member Island Enthusiast
    edited March 2017

    You are only allowed 47 buddies - the weakest ( i.e. Least crafting points) gets moved off the board - I deleted a few people today to add a friend struggling but who I like to help ..all about friends loyalty/ crafting/ helping - we now have to choose and be ruthless -and maybe learn who our real buddies are

  • TemberlynTemberlyn Posts: 49Member Bungalow Guest

    Beach buddies is completely useless! :-( I was so excited for this feature only to finally get it but can't add anyone because I have to many friends.

  • Tink862Tink862 Posts: 477Member Smoothie Sipper
    @Temberlyn Are you going to convince yourself that every single one of your current friends are absolutely productive and a daily player? If so then you're wasting your sunshine requests. Why not use the new feature as a tool to create the ultimate buddy list like it was intended to do. :wink:
  • Caro_KayakCaro_Kayak Posts: 266Member Island Enthusiast

    Finally got my buddy tab :)
    Some players have been deleted and some added ....

  • nananan3nananan3 Posts: 36Member Beachcomber
    I just got the feature and it told me to remove 2 beach buddies...i had 25 and I guess the limit is 23...
  • denisecher65denisecher65 Posts: 2Member Tropical Tourist

    Why this was added to the game? There was a limit added which has knocked off most of my Facebook friends. We didn't need this headache for the game. Far as I'm concerned Facebook friends was good enough.

  • AileenAileen Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist
    How do you delete players that don't play anymore please
  • Caro_KayakCaro_Kayak Posts: 266Member Island Enthusiast

    @Aileen If you go into buddy section and click on picture of player it will show you their stats. At the bottom right hand corner there is a delete button

  • lorenzolalorenzola Posts: 59Member Pineapple Purist
    How can you change your profile picture?
  • Caro_KayakCaro_Kayak Posts: 266Member Island Enthusiast

    @lorenzola if you are connected through Facebook or Game Centre it should pick up your picture

  • knittingguyknittingguy Posts: 6Member Beach Bum

    The limit is 47. Well, that's the message I got my screen saying that the limit is 47 and that I have to delete some beach buddies in order to invite more.

  • phamtonphamton Posts: 1,002Member Paradise Perfectionist

    Yes, my limit is 47 also.

  • lynde_glynde_g Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist
    How do you delete buddies?
  • TkikiTkiki Posts: 562Member Birdwatcher
    edited April 2017

    To delete a beach buddy

    • click on the pelican to access the beach buddies centre
    • -click on the first tab
    • -click on the avatar of the buddy you want to delete
    • look at the bottom right corner, you will see an X,click on it to delete from your list

  • BucksBucks Posts: 3Member Tropical Tourist
    Can someone tell me how to add beach buddies. When I click on the 3 people icon on the bottom right hand corner it shows me beach buddies, sun shine and inbox. I think I'm missing something. I would like to add more people can't find out how. I am logged in with Facebook and Game Center.
    Thanks in advance
  • BucksBucks Posts: 3Member Tropical Tourist
    edited April 2017
    Here is what I see. Am I missing a tab? If so how do I get it?
  • Caro_KayakCaro_Kayak Posts: 266Member Island Enthusiast

    @Bucks it looks like you are missing a tab... you should have an add buddies tab (recommends friends of friends/people you have bought from). See photo - report to Zynga

  • BucksBucks Posts: 3Member Tropical Tourist
    Geesh who do I get that tab?
  • Redyne2Redyne2 Posts: 159Member Reef Diver
    @Bucks that feature is being rolled out in stages, you may not have gotten that portion of the game yet.
  • Redyne2Redyne2 Posts: 159Member Reef Diver
    Could we ask the developers to look at the buddy limit, it would be nice to have more than 47 buddies. I would be willing to have increased slots require gems.
  • WisteriahouseWisteriahouse Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist
    I'm also missing the add buddy button, for the fourth week of contest, we are now playing against players that have lots of sunshine so to compete you spend money or end up a bottom looser. Talk about a slow rollout taking advantage of the players and their money. They need a complete rollout or none at all especially when rollout takes weeks.. Keep the players on an even field especially when you have to deal with Zynga mess ups
    Tired of their box answers
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