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Did not receive Gems from Telescope

ArcticF0xxArcticF0xx Posts: 62Moderator, Community Manager Community Manager
edited March 13 in Bugs & Issues

[FIXED] Some players were reporting they did not receive Gems after watching a Telescope video ad. Please make sure you are on the latest version and restart the app (1.4.553 iOS and Android). If there was a specific video you watched but did not receive a Gem, please comment the name below.



  • Marle94Marle94 Posts: 7Member Beach Bum
    For at least two days I've been watching videos in order to obtain gems. I have not receive the first gem for my efforts recently. I'm gueasing this is another bug so ce the last update, but I can't find a thread on it.
  • eleanor1961eleanor1961 Posts: 4Member Tropical Tourist

    I watch videos but I do not receive gems, also cannot see when people need help in boat . Have to visit everyone if I want to. Help them and the time runs out before I can do it.

  • jamclaughlinjamclaughlin Posts: 2Member Tropical Tourist

    Monopoly - 3 videos watched. Evony- 2 videos. Letter soup - 1 video

  • EmmaEmma Posts: 6Member Beach Bum

    I can't get my crystals after watching a video? Come on fix up!!

  • FaerinFaerin Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist

    None of my videos provide gems

  • RadTechHollsRadTechHolls Posts: 3Member Tropical Tourist

    None of mine in the last 2 days

  • kaykriss1960kaykriss1960 Posts: 2Member Tropical Tourist
    I am not receiving any of my gems after watching all the ads
  • cg1cg1 Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist
    Not fixed. Still not getting any gems from watching videos. Various videos over the past couple of Days. Last one was Wish ad.
  • Mom4Mom4 Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist

    Haven't recieved gems for the last 2 days I've played. Most recent ad was for slots and then 2 x for Tribez

  • ShavonShavon Posts: 0Member Daydreamer

    I keep watchimg the ads an they want give me my gems this the 3rd time

  • Nettys_gamesNettys_games Posts: 4Member Tropical Tourist
    I did not receive any of my gems today. Thank you
  • onlyonelauriekonlyonelauriek Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist
    I am not receiving any gems and all my bungalows disappeared with the prior 27 gems and sunshines I had!!! Please fix this!!
  • boatdoc943boatdoc943 Posts: 10Member Caribbean Cruiser

    I don't have a telescope! What do I do

  • dsisk72dsisk72 Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist
    Despicable wolf 2 (×2), infinity slots (x2), era infinity, luck tastic, coin dozer (×2), (×2), legendary. I got tired of watching cause I wasnt getting anything.
  • Pattie819Pattie819 Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist
    I am not receiving gems and I am not able to connect to Facebook from the game
  • lorienglandloriengland Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist
    Did not receive gems today the Disney ads
  • dbarnes32dbarnes32 Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist
    I have watched videos for two days and have not received gems. Watched Gordon Ramsey 3 times and God olympus
  • ShenanShenan Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist
    I am not even getting the telescope still and I have updated everything. It has been gone for over a week. Can we please fix this.
  • 56playeR56playeR Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist
    I didn't get my gems for today and a few other days from telescope. All is updated.
  • bebcr15bebcr15 Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist

    I just watched the beauty and the beast video and didn't get a gem. And I am on the latest version of the app

  • acornyratacornyrat Posts: 12Member Caribbean Cruiser

    Updated and not getting gems again. It was all of the videos watched this morning. Sometimes if I wait a while I get them. Sometimes not at all.

  • SeFirasCoveSeFirasCove Posts: 3Member Tropical Tourist

    I started playing this game when you had the Valentines event on, and I am currently level 34, I have not had a Telescope on my island since about a week after starting, I just figured it disapears after so long, until one of my club mates mentioned it, i notice when i am first entering the game its there for a few seconds while the msg that says signing into network is up then telescope disapears.

  • Dream2dream89_Dream2dream89_ Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist

    Watch 6 advertisement with no gems

  • Theresa323Theresa323 Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist

    It would be amazing if I HAD a way to watch the videos. I haven't had the telescope since I bought gems 2 months ago. Emailed zynga and apparently only select people get to have the option of getting free gems. Totally unfair...that and all the bugs that seem to continue happen really brings the game to a halt for me

  • DebsdenDebsden Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist

    I'm still not receiving diamonds after watching video and I'm on latest version

  • Mecreighton1Mecreighton1 Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist
    Wild Aztec - still no gems. Have watched 5 or 6 and still no gems
  • EbbedebEbbedeb Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist

    I've watched six videos this morning and have not received any gems. I can't remember all the videos but have watched the new John Lithgow tv show several times.

  • EmmaEmma Posts: 6Member Beach Bum

    I had this issue a few days ago and it was fixed. Its started happening again please can you fix this permanently??

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