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Can't I visit neighbors, send sunshine, and Helicopter help after the update

TheresaRTheresaR Member Posts: 5 Beach Bum
edited March 2017 in Bugs & Issues

Just before the upgrade yesterday, I started having issues with sending guests. I did the update and since then I am not able to post anything in the chat (I talked to another club member and they confirmed my posts are not showing up). I also can not send sunshine, guests or visit other club members islands. My guest requests do not show up in the club chat either.

I do not have any screenshots. I have a Galaxy S6. I have logged out and forced the app closed multiple times, restarted my phone multiple times and even uninstalled and reinstalled the app. The issues still remain.


  • TheresaRTheresaR Member Posts: 5 Beach Bum

    I get an error message something like "guest not accepted" when trying to do that and one that says "failed to get friend data" when trying to visit other islands. Other than that, no other error messages.

  • CincyLadyGalCincyLadyGal Member Posts: 361 Geode Collector

    @TheresaR chances are that your fellow players that you are trying to visit have not yet updated. That said, I was forced to update this morning, so this might fix your problem.

    Also, anytime I get an update to either Farmville Tropical escape, or FV2CE, I always (since I have an android) clear my cashe (and for all devices) do a force stop, then do a power reset of my device.

    I find doing so clears out the problems that are causes with the new updates. You might want to try that first.

  • TheresaRTheresaR Member Posts: 5 Beach Bum

    I just tried that and the results are still the same. I know that at least some of the players in that group updated yesterday. The most frustrating part is that I can't chat or send/receive guests. I can't really help my group like this.

  • CrazyHayLadyCrazyHayLady Member Posts: 971 Frog Kisser

    The thing is that everyone has to do the update. Not just you. If you are having trouble visiting or receiving be sure to tell Clubhouse members to also update.


    Loving the newest update!!
  • TheresaRTheresaR Member Posts: 5 Beach Bum

    We all had a discussion on facebook yesterday (everyone in our beach club) and I can say for certain that EVERY member of that club is up to date. That is NOT the issue. I can now visit other islands but I still cannot post to chat, send/request guests or sunshine.

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