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Is there a way to transfer my iOS savegame to android?

JustaquestionJustaquestion Posts: 1Member Daydreamer

Hey Guy´s,

I´m looking for a possibility to transfer my iOS savegame to my new android phone. Any chances? Or tutorials somewhere in the web? I would appreciate your help




  • CrazyHayLadyCrazyHayLady Posts: 971Member Frog Kisser

    @Justaquestion Oh yes of course! Play on your Apple Device and be sure you save your game to Game Center or Facebook. THEN: Just start playing on your new device. You will have to play the entire tutorial which goes through the second level. At this point the system gears appear and you can then log into your game on the new device. Be sure to pick the game with your old game (higher level) When the pop up comes up asking which game to play.


    Loving the newest update!!
  • Diane71Diane71 Posts: 2Member Tropical Tourist

    What do you do if this doesn't work, I've been on level 29, just got a new iPad and cannot retrieve my game, it's seems like it's been lost, tried Facebook etc

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