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So many bugs: connection/trading/selling (kindle and iphone)

phamtonphamton Posts: 1,325Member Monkey Temple Trekker

1) Can't get game to load on Kindle Fire since yesterday. Game is stuck at 38% loading. Reinstalling the game didn't fix it.
2) iPhone won't connect to facebook most of the time so I can't get or receive sunshine but when it does connect then market doesn't work.
3) On iPhone, market won't load and also my boat won't load so I can sell things. Just spins and spins but never opens. I force quit the game several times until it does open and then, facebook won't connect. Market and boat only work if I am not connected to facebook. Once it does connect to facebook then market won't open. If market is open and I try to connect to facebook then I get the "Oops" message that it can't connect to facebook.

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