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Weekly Resort Rating issues

I'll try & keep this as short as possible-

A few months ago, maybe around Early/Mid-October, I was trying to change the region settings on my iPhone. But, I didn't do it correctly. The time zone unintentionally changed from CST (Central Standard Time in the US) to GMT (Greenwich Mean Time in the UK). Once I realised this, I changed the time zone back to CST , but kept the region settings the same. I don't remember why or how the date settings changed, but it went to January 2018. It took me a while to figure that out because I don't have the year displayed on my lock screen because, I didn't feel the need to be reminded of the year haha..

To sum it up, the date settings changed and messed up my Weekly Resort Rating. I currently have approx. 103,174 points. *Picture attached below*
It says that it'll reset in 4 days; 59 minutes & the next Top Resort Tournament starts in 376 days; 23 hours. << This number changes everyday. However, the reset date doesn't change. It's been stuck there since the settings were changed. I tried to change it back to the current date and that's when the 4 days; 59 mins started. As well as the 376+ days. It used to be 500+ days, but I tried to change it again and started a new Top Resort Tournament. After I started a new one, I changed the settings back once again. This time, it just took off about 4-5 months for the reset date.

Please note: This screenshot was taken today, 23 December 2016 around 13:30 (1:30 p.m.).

If anyone is have this issue, has had this issue before, or has any possible solution**... please message me or reply to this discussion. Thank you :smiley:

If you're celebrating any holiday, I hope you have a great one. Even if you aren't, enjoy your week off from work or school!⛅️❄️


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