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Game falsely reporting that you are not in a Beach Club - How to fix ...

CincyLadyGalCincyLadyGal Member Posts: 361 Geode Collector
edited December 2016 in General Discussion

Hi Everyone,

There seems to be a glitch that started this morning with the TE game falsely telling you that you are not in a club.

It happened to me just now after I did a clear Cache and a force close to get the global market to work again.

Normally I would simply just go and tap on my Beach Club shack, and that would fix the problem.

This time it didn't, instead I got a list of clubs to join.

Now, since I'm a co-admin and I knew I hadn't been kicked out of the club, I then exited did another force close.

When I went back in again, same thing. So, I went to the cog in the game, and then logged out of FB and back in again.

The chat still showed blank, so I went and tapped on the Beach Club shack again.

This time the problem was fixed.

So, if this happens to you, don't go and join another club thinking you'd been kicked out. Instead try the steps above to see if that fixes the issue for you first.

It seems to be a glitch with TE this morning. Just thought I'd pass this along.

It also happened to some of our other members of our club, and one of them reported earlier this morning, that it also happened to them in our club in CE as well.

@Foo_Fighter @Princess in Pink @ArcticF0xx you might want to pass this along to Zynga that this is happening for both TE and CE this morning.


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